2012 - Boulder Racing #1 Valmont

USAC Results and ACA Results


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Race #1 kicked off again at Valmont Bike Park for BoulderRacing under pleasant but for some a bit hot. The course was long and exhausting as the elevation on every climb was sure to put nearly every riding into the red and pain cave. Even with the recent rain the course was still quite dusty and with field sizes this made many riders coughing up dust the rest of the day but typical of CX races in September. Valmont really does provide a great venue for watching races, as from one spot a spectators can get a lot of view time from one spot, not always an option at other courses. Hopefully Boulder will see a lot more event a Valmont in the future!

The elite fields were exciting to watch as our homegrown favorite, Amy D, came up with the win and the men's field was won by an ink covered Ben Bergen with Allen Krugoff rolling in a bit back in 2nd.



Ken Benesh

How about Ken Benesh laying down an attack on the last lap and taking third out of a group of 5-6? I know it's tough to cover everything, but no mention of the final person on the podium?