2012 - Boulder Orthropedics Prospect Criterium

Colorado Masters Championshipts





Should be noted that I

Should be noted that I received an e-mail within a few hours of the event with my result and a link to the complete results on the ACA site. This is a first!

Congrats on the chip system appearing to have finally turned the corner...

Works at small crits... Just

Works at small crits...
Just got another email from ACA defending the Chip Timing System. Promoters and Racers must be really pushing against it. I wonder how much time and money have gone into defending the system over the last year and a half. Is that half of the E.D. job? Drop it and leave it to the timing companies to provide solutions.

ACA - Focus on getting summer racing numbers up! Only one race in June cracked 400 riders. Mike Horgan HC just had it's lowest turnout. Reach out to racers that aren't coming out anymore and see what it will take to get numbers back up... Lower entry cost? One License(drop the separate ACA license)? Allow people to race One-Day above Cat. 5? No $10 Chip Fee?

Independent Cross Races?

Wouldn't be surprised if they, BR/WOL, go independent of USAC/ACA for their cross races. They will get nothing out of the $2.50 a rider ACA surcharge. They have their own equipment and a great relationship with Racing Underground for results. Cross doesn't need a large set of officials. They could save over $1000 per race by not dealing with ACA.

Reality is promoters are

Reality is promoters are paying the ACA $2.50 a rider to essentially be a part of the Colorado Cross Cup and help market their events with one central calendar. I get e-mails from DCB/BR all the time so I'm guessing they don't need the marketing assistance.

I remember Bannock several

I remember Bannock several years ago, before chip timing. I received the results of my race while I was cooling down and putting stuff in my car right after the race.

Chip timing may be a tool but it isn't the only solution. Much more important to have a system that works with operators that know how to work it.