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Less than an inch! Nice effort Danny Summerhill !

Danny Summerhill leading the Elite field
Photo Credit: Sportif Images

Boulder Cup is Colorado's biggest CX race each year but don't take our word for it, look at the past years of Boulder Cup's success in the links below. This years addition of Boulder Cup will as mentioned, take place at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder on Oct 28th. The course map is shown below. There is plenty of parking near the venue but very likely you will have to do a bit of walking or riding. Registration is managed by BikeReg and Registration is closed. Don't miss this event!


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2012 Course Map at Valmont Bike Park. Large Version



What is with taking all three

What is with taking all three parking lots for officials, expo and VIPs? What constitutes a VIP and do they really have enough of said VIPs to warrant using the entire East parking lot?

As a spectator with two young kids this makes me just think I will choose to stay home rather than dealing with commoner parking as I am surely not elite enough to be VIP level.

Real Spectators ride to Boulder Cup

Real Spectators ride to Boulder Cup! And if you live too far away, no problem there is a TON of office park parking off of 55th and from there you can ride and you can do it with your 2 small kids. And if they are too small to ride on their own then feel free to use a burley or cargo bike.

plenty of parking up on

plenty of parking up on airport rd or in the office parks up there and you can walk in the east side of Valmont in 2-4 minutes. Sterling Court office park off Valmont is the same, walk to Valmont in a couple minutes. The tradeoff of having a bike park inside the city means space is a premium.

Well I am obviously not a

Well I am obviously not a "real" spectator not wanting to have to drag my 4 and 1 year old in a Chariot 10 miles each way due to VIPs needing parking.

My question still isn't answered about what qualifies one as the Boulder elite that gets VIP access.

Are you an idiot or just a troll?

The park is rented by the promoter, and clearly the promoter is controlling the included parking lots as part of the deal. The promoter anticipates sufficient demand for parking to be able to charge (VIP) for the parking. Want VIP parking? I'm pretty sure the googles can help you find a way to pay for it. Do you get to valet for free at Broncos games? How about on the sidewalk in front of Coors Field? Didn't think so.

How about devoting some of your skilled anonymous-internet-arguing time to figuring out your travel/parking plan? Or hell - stay home.

Comparing a cx race to a

Comparing a cx race to a Broncos game....lol. 90k people paying $100 per ticket to an event with 90 spectators getting in for free.

Enjoy the VIP views, I will find other ways to enjoy my day.

VIP Parking

VIP's are sponsors who financially support the event, the USAC and UCI Officials, and the remainder of the passes for the lot of 100 places go to the Teams that reserved Team Tents (local and national teams). And of course, the handicapped spots and the 10 spots reserved for the Dog Park. I hope that helps clarifies your question. Please feel free to reach out. There is a parking map on http://dbcevents.com to help you identify a parking spot, there is a drop off lane in front of Valmont Bike Park so that you can drop stuff off and not have to carry it far. - Deirdre Moynihan, DBC Events

Lets take a step back here

Lets take a step back here and all quit being some awesome in the internet world.

Thank you for the only helpful advice in the entire thread to the person who put up the information about additional parking.

The rest of you paint a very welcoming picture of how CX racers welcome those who might be interested in checking out a race at a great venue. When the participants are so warm and inviting, its hard to see how people are beating down the doors to attend a free event.

I'm still interested to know how I can get access to one of the nearly 150 VIP parking spots. And yes I would be willing to pay despite all my 1st world problems.

Contact the promoter

It looks pretty simple to me. Contact the promoter and buy one of the last two 10x10 team tent spots for $50 and you should get a couple of VIP/team area parking passes (and a sweet spot to set up a tent if you so desire). As far as I know, you don't have to actually race to do this, merely be willing to pony up the bucks. My team has one of these spots and we got a few parking passes to share among several teammates who will be racing throughout the day.

Hope to see you up there - hup, hup!!

So, did you make it to the Cup?

Just wondering if you decided to shell out the moola to get a VIP parking spot, decided to walk the 1/2 mile or so from one of the outlying lots or just decided to stay away? If it was the latter, you missed a great event.

Ultimately I ended up not

Ultimately I ended up not going. I spent the day with my wife and kids, enjoying some family time and sneaking in a great ride on the Mead Roubaix course while it was nap time.

Looked like a great day, and what a finish in the pro men's! Glad to see the turnout be great, too bad about the timing chip problems.

This Boulder Cup will be very family friendly

I was hoping to get a piece up on the site about all the stuff Boulder Cup is doing to encourage families to come out and enjoy the race but my time is running out. Chris did share with me some of the many new features the event will have that isn't just bike related and it will be fun! If you've been thinking about taking your family to a bike race than this is the one! And yes, as one commenter already pointed out, you might have to walk some or even bike to the event.

I hear that registration was

I hear that registration was not handled well. If there is bad information concerning who is even entering the race, it is hard to get accurate results back in a timely fashion. Results were posted quickly on site, but by bib number since registration was apparently a mess. The promoter has responsibility for running an accurate registration process, and if he/she does not, everyone looks bad.

No Results

3:30 still no results. We usually get them before we arrive home from the race. Also did anyone else's race go from 4 to 3 laps during the race without notification. This happened in the SM 4.

The organizers can certainly

The organizers can certainly learn a lot from the USGP folks. At the USGP race in Ft. Collins, I had an emailed result to me within minutes of finishing the race. Should be a no-brainer in this electronic day and age.

Boulder Cup Results

Anyone have any insight to the complications with the results? At the race I was awarded second in my category, then listed as first earlier in today (Monday) and now my name is completely absent from the results??? What gives? Sure I was in the top group.


Hello!?! DBC Events? ACA? USAC? What's the deal? A little info would be nice...

We shelled out a lot of extra money for this "UCI" race, timing chips, extra annual racing licenses, better rankings, etc. Yet at the race, we were told, "sorry in advance, but the call-ups are effed up." And now no results a day later.

Time for an explanation, guys.


Talk about mystery.I was awarded second place on race day, listed as first on Monday and now my name doesn't even appear in the results??? What gives? sure I was in the top finishers....


I can't believe that the results for 35+ are still not posted. Since this was a race, I am pretty sure people want to know how they placed. This chip timing thing is messed up. Why can't the ACA figure this out?

On site = fine, online = ??

The 35 open and 35-3 results were posted quickly and seemed to be accurate on site and we had over 100 racers on course together with only a few lapped/pulled riders. And, we were at least 75% pre-registered.

The registration to results process works very well when all the pieces come together - love the lap times and even getting 4(!) e-mails telling me I missed the podium by half a second. However, even a slight hiccup with registration data seems to completely wreck everything including the call-ups which actually have nothing to do with the chip timing system.

The CO Cross Cup seemed to go very smoothly even with a few placing issues and no lap times. Maybe Boups should get together with DBC and the ACA, compare notes and get this straightened out so our spotlight events (think Superior Morgul, ugh) shine like they should!

Hmmm....You say that 35+ and

Hmmm....You say that 35+ and 35+3 results were posted quickly. As of today, I still cannot find them anywhere, although it appears that all other categories were posted. Do you have a link?

On site = fine, online =

On site = fine, online = ??

Submitted by Fiorillo (not verified) on Tue, 10/30/2012 - 12:09.
The 35 open and 35-3 results were posted quickly and seemed to be accurate on site and we had over 100 racers on course together with only a few lapped/pulled riders. And, we were at least 75% pre-registered.

You should have been on the

You should have been on the podium. The ACA needs to pull those who have qualified for mandatory upgrade. For years two wins equates an upgrade in the 3s and I'm not sure if anybody monitors this anymore. Oh well.


Hello!?! DBC Events? ACA? USAC? What's the deal? A little info would be nice...

We shelled out a lot of extra money for this "UCI" race, timing chips, extra annual racing licenses, better rankings, etc. Yet at the race, we were told, "sorry in advance, but the call-ups are effed up." And now no results a day later.

Time for an explanation, guys.

Very disappointed in the call

Very disappointed in the call ups being screwed up. A big push was made to get racers to pre-reg in order to get a call up and then they can't even get call ups correct? How is it so hard? A basic spreadsheet matching USAC rankings with pre-reg'd riders to formulate a call up list seems like it shouldn't be that difficult. Or, go back to the way they did it at the Boulder Racing Xilinx race and print out a USAC ranking list for each cat/race and it's up to the racer to check their name off to get a callup.

I get that they're trying their best and this is just amateur racing, but it's just an added frustration to worry about whether my call up is gonna be close to correct. And so far, it's been more often that call ups have been wrong. At Interlocken, the call ups appeared to be based on cross cup points or BR series standings, but either way, they were not based on USAC rankings

Also disappointed in 2012 Boulder Cup

Given the premium pricing for entry ($40), I expected a premium experience as a racer. While kudos to DBC Events for a great course lay-out, they get an F for the posting of results. Also having the 45+, 55+ and 45+ cat 4s racing together was a disaster. I understand the time limitations of trying to get all categories in on one day, but racing the 45+ cat 4s meant the 45+ had at least a 4 minute head start on us which then meant the vast majority of us only got to race 3 laps (before we got passed and had to stop). It would have better to put the 45+ cat 4s behind the 35+ cat 4s.

Isn't it kind of

Isn't it kind of inappropriate to have a pro cyclist who is currently serving a suspension for doping, Tom Danielson, kick off the kids' race and then hand out the podium prizes to the kids. Not exactly an ideal role model at this time.

Of course. Please correct

Of course.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but, doesn't the USADA/USAC suspension prohibit riders from all racing type activities?

Ask Stevie Johnson! But, then he'll need to call Weisel.