2012 Boulder Cup - Photos, Videos and Results

Less than an inch! Nice effort Danny Summerhill !

Danny Summerhill leading the Elite field
Photo Credit: Sportif Images

Boulder Cup is Colorado's biggest CX race each year but don't take our word for it, look at the past years of Boulder Cup's success in the links below. This years addition of Boulder Cup will as mentioned, take place at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder on Oct 28th. The course map is shown below. There is plenty of parking near the venue but very likely you will have to do a bit of walking or riding. Registration is managed by BikeReg and Registration is closed. Don't miss this event!


Photographers & Videos

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2012 Course Map at Valmont Bike Park. Large Version



Timing System

Dear ACA

I respectfully request that you improve your timing system to the pencil and paper method.

Apart from taking more than 24 hours to post, the results from the Valmont race are clearly whack.

Every non-ACA event I've done over the last year or more, including both road and MTB events, both around the US and also in Europe, have always had faster - and more accurate - results than you are able to provide with your new system. This is even true for very large "citizen" races like gran fondos.

The ACA's mandating use of their timing system for Gold and Silver events actually detracts from the racer experience; BoulderRacing's decision to use their own timing system for their events, at the expense of being demoted to a "bronze" level event, is looking to be a brilliant stand for creating a better rider experience.

For your chip timing system, you were sold nothing but a bill of goods. It is well past time for you to abandon this white elephant, and most likely the executives that keep championing it as well.

ACA made the ACA system

ACA made the ACA system optional for all events. Gold and Silver events just need to use a timing system, either ACA's or other system, according to the 2012 policy.


On top of the disaster with timing/results and callups, what the hell is up with starting SM4 ten minutes late and then pulling 2/3 of the field a lap early? A $50 cross race should be *PERFECT*, not one where most of the racers get short-changed.

I can't imagine ever going to a DBC race ever again if this is the best they can do.


From the DBC Events page on Oct. 29:

Non-UCI Results (Update 6:19 pm – 10/29)

Due to racers not wearing chips or wearing friend’s chips the results are still manually being sorted out and will be posted as they are available
If you have an issue please send an email to both membership@coloradocycling.org & deirdre@dbcevents.com with the following information:
Bib #
Approximate place if you know (not critical)