Cameron Chambers, the winner, reports on the 2012 24 hour Championships

Last weekend had a lot of action going on in Colorado, in addition to 2 CX races and the last road race in Colorado, we also had the USA 24 hour MTB Championships in Colorado Springs. Lots of Coloradans did well, and below the men's winner, Cameron Chambers talks about the race and his victory.

From Pikes Peak Sports

24 hour race strategy is pretty straight forward from my standpoint. You try and break all of your competitors somewhere in the 1st 6 hours and then you try and hang on and finish the ride out. I often reference the late Mike Janelle when I talk about 24 hour racing. Mike is a hero of mine and his memory is always an inspiration to live life to the fullest, by that Mike would mean “Race your heart out.” He told me once that no matter what speed you start the race at you are going to be tired 6 hours in and even more tired 12 hours in, so you might as well go hard from the start line because that is your only chance to do damage.

Results of the 24 hour MTB Race

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