Morgul Bismark Race Flyer released


I am a SW3 and will be

I am a SW3 and will be racing Koppenburg. No I didn't pre-register, but that's my choice and is the same one made by a lot of other racers across all of the categories. As a 3, I enjoy racing a mix of Cat 1/2/3, SW3 and SW3/4 races, and applaud promoters for giving us different options. I think we learn a lot by racing with the elite women and at the same time having some of our "own" races keeps women interested in the sport and helps us learn some things that we can't when we're cross-eyed, ready to puke, and dangling off the back of a 1/2/3 race. Very few women (or men) would keep racing if at every race they showed up to they were shelled off the back in the first 10 minutes because they had to race against the likes of Mara Abbott, Kori Seehafer, Alison Powers, etc. Unless you're a truly physcially gifted cyclist (and I am not) it's a very difficult transition from Cat 4 to racing with the 1/2's, which is what happens when all you have are 1/2/3 and cat 4 races. Remember that Category 3 is a "developmental" category, so good on promoters for helping us develop into Cat 1/2 racers with our own races. I realize and appreciate that not all races can accommodate separate races for all of the categories and I have no problem with that; I will pick and choose which 1/2/3 races to do because racing does get expensive and I don't really enjoy spending $40 to race for 5 minutes (North Boulder Park comes to mind here).

I'm already registered for Superior-Morgul and I'll take my beating against the 1/2's. Like last year, I full anticipate that the field will shatter on the first time up the Wall, because the ability levels of the 1's are so vastly different from the 3's, and that inevitably shows on a course as difficult as the Morgul Classic. I don't expect to be competitive against the 1/2's in that kind of a race, but at least hope that I can hold my own against the other 3's and expect/hope that the promoter will score us separately. (BTW, for whomever asked earlier, Louisville had roughly 25 SW3 participate.) The fact is that there are fewer women in the sport so our fields will always be smaller. People should stop being shocked by this. Oh, and if you don't grow you Cat 3 and 4 fields, you won't have many 1/2's left. We all have the same agenda and interest in racing our bikes and having fun so let's stop throwing punches at each other.

SM 55 and 65 are not on

SM 55 and 65 are not on complaining, but you are, that is the difference. I understand that you wish your friends/team mates showed up and raced like you do (I wish they did too), but they did not. So the issues lies with them, not with the promoter of Superior or any other race.

Are we so spoiled living in the front range that we cannot make it to Deer Trail? Deer Trail is far away? People all over CO drive over an hour to every race (if you live in the Springs or Ft. Fun) and people around the US drive much more than we do.

Do you not understand the difference in running a road race and a mountain bike race? For a road event you need a lead car, a follow car, and possible a police car (like for Superior) for every field. So running more fields is very hard ($). For a mountain bike race if you want to create a whole bunch of more, small categories, there is no real incremental cost, and they can be on course at the same time (especially if they are small). I looked at the size of women's fields for the first Mountain states cup in Colorado Springs and here they are 8, 2, 3, 8, 8, 1, 1, 6, 2, 2, 1, and 2. Good thing they broke that out into 12 fields. That is a total of 44 women and guess what? 26 of them finished on the podium. That works for a mountain bike race, but not an road event.

Please do not talk about

Please do not talk about things you do not know about. Leave the sr 3's out of this, it was snowing at Golden, that is why our numbers were low. The people who raced that day were hard men (and women)and do not deserve your mocking comments. We are a strong catagory, we show up and race, we almost always have good #'s, even as the ACA dilluted our group with 35 plus cat. 3. A far different story from womens cat 3.