Morgul Bismark Race Flyer released


Cat 3 women don't matter enough to themselves...........

Your post is pathetic, but symbolic of the attitude of far too many ACA members now a days. They are running a business, not a charity. No business in their right mind would run a category they did not have to for 12, or less, riders (regardless of women, men, juniors, masters, or tandems). The cat 3 women should take some responsibility. If you want your own category, come out, race it, and support the promoter who put it on.

You all have no one to blame, but yourselves. I am not anti women racing, I wish we had 60 riders in a women 1/2 field, and then another 30 to 40 in the cat 3 field, and another 30 to 40 in a cat 4 field. That would be awesome. But until that happens, and the women actually show up, stop blaming others and complaining about it.

dude talk about attitude,

dude talk about attitude, nice ad hominem rant you've got going on there.

I've started every one of the SW3 fields that were held this year, so you can keep your "put up or shut up" attitude. Louisville SW3 field was three times the size of the SW4, and Haystack numbers were huge, tho that doesn't prove anything.

By your logic, ACA should do away with SM 55+ and 65+ too. Oh and the SM3, too, since they couldn't be bothered to start more than a dozen riders up at Golden.

Look at a broader survey, don't just cherry pick numbers that favor your argument. Look at results over the past 3 years, not just the past month. SW3 numbers have tripled since they started splitting the fields; they're now comparable to the SW4 and often bigger than combined SW 1/2/3 fields in many if not all of the more popular races that hold the field. If you build it they will come.

Mead (both the weather and the course) scared off riders in the SW3s. I know 2 of our teammates elected to skip it after their preride didn't go so well, and there's like a 100-post rant from the Cat 3 guys on how dangerous they thought the course was so... whatever. Deer Trail is Deer Trail. It's far away, the weather is always bad, and it's kind of expensive for what it is; a multi out and back. I'd rather do Hugo twice in a season than Deer Trail; at least Hugo's a loop.

At any rate, I am free to take my entry money to a mountain bike race promoter, if a conflicting road event doesn't offer my category. That is how business works in a free market economy.

I am merely disappointed that an event like Superior that appears to be trying to set itself up as some kind of big regional focus event to lure riders from out of area, can't be bothered to at least offer all the open senior BAR/BAT categories. And what I am saying is: please, at least OFFER. It's perfectly fine to reserve the right to combine fields on raceday if numbers don't materialize. Every single other big regional event out there puts this disclaimer on their flyer for stuff like the junior/women fields.

But you know, if they offered, I'd be out there stumping for my teammates and friends and colleagues to show up. Especially for an event like this with awesome courses, a great local presence, prestige, festival, prizes, etc.

so again, whatever. we all know what arguing on the internet wins us. I'm going riding.

Koppenberg has an SW3

Koppenberg has an SW3 Category. I know a handful of women who've already signed up because Boulder Racing always tries to has a SW3 Cat. Now it's up to the other promoters to realize why races like Louisville Crit attract a sizable SW3 field and step up or loose out.

So SW3 will only do Metro

So SW3 will only do Metro area crits? But not road / circuit races that require a little driving? How many were at the Louisville Crit? (ACA Results site is not showing results at the moment.)

Only 4 Pre-Reg'd for Koppenburg.

For Morgul Road Race, last year each race had a State Patrol lead. Definitely need more then 15 racers to cover that cost.