Colorado State Cyclocross Championships Venue change!

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December 12, 2011

Course Change for Colorado State Cyclocross Championships

Due to the recent snowfall and the potential damage to the Aurora Sports Complex, we have been forced to make a venue change to Rhyolite Park located at 1701 Crystal Valley Parkway, Castle Rock, CO 80104. This proven venue has been used as the location for “Castle Cross” for the last few years.

You can look forward to a quality event including a massive flyover, substantial elevation changes, and a lot of flow. We also will have an 800 square foot heated hospitality tent, food all day, bike industry representatives showing off sweet gear, a playground for the kids, and the honorable Larry Grossman on the mic. Plus, the weather looks good to boot!

The ACA website and online registration at will be updated shortly. All start times remain unchanged.

We look forward to seeing all of you out there with cowbells ringing!

Questions? Please call Adam Rachubinski @ (303) 220-9799

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Course Redesign

Lets hope they give us a different course. They have lots of land and could make a great new course with half the land. If fact the course would be much better if they tighten it up and add more 180 turns and technical sections. Plus the start should be shorten up. We need a true CX course not a dirt crit for states. Bottom-line, No one wants to race the same course again.

I third that! John Haley and

I third that! John Haley and team did a great job with this past season's Castle Cross....both with the course and event. They listened well to dial it in as best they could to learn what riders want. It was substantially better than years past. While States is a different event crew, I agree with the original poster. The terrain begs for more features to demonstrate cross skill...not just pedaling skill. The flyover will be interesting but 180 chicanes and things to slow down tempo then re-ramp it will be welcome as will crowd pleasing elements (barriers), stairs, etc. Crossers should demonstrate their skills at States!

Rarely do I agree with

Rarely do I agree with comments on this site, but this one and Greg's are both spot on. The best courses are those that test a racers skills foremost then power, ability to recover and other intangibles that deal more with preparation.

A lot of snow on the course today

Went out to take a look today and there is still quite a bit of snow on the Castle Cross course. Hopefully, some of it will melt or else it will be tough for the first groups racing.

I agree that that the quarter mile uphill hole shot seemed excessive. The juniors went about 50 yards and then jumped onto the course right at the off-camber left turn. Maybe they can find something to shorten the uphill start.

More running/carrying would be nice as the Castle Cross had minimal.

I also agree with Adam that you can't please everyone! Looking forward to a great course and race.


Keep he long hill, agree with more cyclocross "stuff" but the State title should also require a harder longer climb, I know you can not please everyone, here is to hoping my planes are on time!