Successful year for our Commuter Team and goals for 2012

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Handlebar Mustache

Commuting by bike is fun and it doesn't take a fancy bike, power tap, or any carbon to do it. There aren't any training plans that have to be followed or special licenses to buy, just your will and desire. We started our Commuter Team as a non-competitive group that show their love for cycling through commuting. Some I personally know are racers and one uses it as a major source of fitness but the group is open to any and all willing to commute by bike and by no means must that activity be daily!

For all those who participated this year on the commuter team I want to say THANK YOU. In nearly 12 months the team racked up over 25,000 miles which resulted in a total of nearly $4,700 dollars in gas alone saved, not to mentioned the savings their health insurance plans had (or will have in years to come). Handlebar Mustache has kindly donated T-shirts to us and we are looking for your business to join in and reward some of these riders for making a commitment.

Plans for the commuter team in 2012
This year we only had 33 members, that is pretty weak in my mind considering over 1000 readers visit our site daily. This group is open to all, anyone with a bike can join up and show the world and yourself that you can make a difference and break that culture dependency on the automobile that has been designed into our community for the last 70 years! To join costs nothing but at best a random commitment to commuting by bike, once a month will do!

More awards and swag
We need to celebrate the commuters like we would those who complete in the challenging Mt Evan's hill climb or Ride the Rockies. I'm going to work with local businesses to reward these riders for their hard work and dedication. Already Handlebar Mustache has offered up some T-shirts this week! If your business would like to reward these riders drop me a line and I'll be sure your get some airtime on 303 for your contribution!

Challenges with other commuter groups
Sadly there were no other organized commuter groups in 2011 so we were a team with no one to compete against, in 2012 I'm going to continue to encourage other groups in the front range to make a team and create temporal challenges like "The team with the most miles per rider in July wins". So if you don't want to join our team then start your own and get riding! There as got to be a cycling organization in Boulder who as the reach to start a commuter team... or maybe not... we are it!

Looking for new software! is fine but the internet overhauls itself every few years so if anyone knows of a better solution to tracking your miles as a group please share it!!

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Win Win

After filling up my truck gas tank for some gawd-awful amount on Valentines day this year I decided it was time to start commuting by bike as much as possible. I had already seen the 303cycling post about the start of the commuter team so I immediately signed up. Feeling affiliated with a team with a purpose and feeling somewhat obligated to ride made the commitment to ride easy and I felt highly motivated to stick with it, and I loved logging my miles every day and watching the stats pile up.
Thanks for the inspiration and look forward to staying committed for years to come!