2011 Colorado Bike Summit beyond expectations

I was lucky enough to have the honor to attend Colorado Bike Summit put on by Bicycle Colorado. The summit was put on because many noticed that Colorado had the largest presence at the national bike summit every year so it was time to capture that energy and start Colorado's own Bike Summit. This year's bike summit was kicked off with the great keynote speeches by John Burke of Trek, Tim Blumenthal of Bikes Belong, Bill Vidal, Mayor of Denver, Randy Neufeld of SRAM and lastly Dan Grunig of Bicycle Colorado.

John Burke of Trek

John Burke of Trek

The speeches say a lot on their own (more to be added as they are uploaded). In addition to the speeches there was as panel discussion on how Black Hawk and the recently failed mountain bike safety bill. The panelist gave a great deal of information on how we should interact with our elected officials. Key take aways were.

  • The Mountain Bike Safety Bill is not over, usually these things take a few attempts and they will try again
  • Black Hawk's excuse is that bikes were slowing the bus traffic coming into town
  • Bad apples in our bunch are causing huge problems for us in Lefthand canyon, deer creek canyon, etc. Please be respectful and don't urinate on private property, if you use business facilities consider supporting them (general stores buy something)

Denver Mayor Bill Vidal addresses the Colorado Bike Summit

Near the end of the day there were break out sessions for Safe Routes to Schools and Complete Streets. I choose Safe Routes to Schools break out where we heard an amazing success story of the extremely small town of Calhan Colorado. There they changing a culture of driving where you drive you kids 3 blocks to schools into a waking school or life skills for those kids who are bused in 15 miles away every day. You think that small towns are the best place for walking and biking to school and that couldn't be farther from the truth but they are changing that and the community has really embraced it. Other take aways include

  • Kids aren't just riding today, they are gaining life long lessons they will take with them to college
  • If communities are safe for kids to ride to school then they are safe for others like our aging community.
  • Cuts to SRTS are on the way but with creativity a big changes can be made with little budget
  • Freiker is now Boltage

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Motivating and Meaningful

Bicycle Colorado hit the mark with this effort in a big way. The content and actionable items that came from the 2011 Bike Summit were well composed, timely and inspiring. I've been a supporter for many years, and will be for many more. Asking for more than just becoming a member, this Summit was a call to action. Don't miss the next one, but don't wait that long to get involved.