Candelas Circuit Race - Arvada CO July 3rd

Photo Credit: 303Photo

If the hills of the circuit didnt get to you the heat surely did. I was out taking pictures in the afternoon and the course looked great. New smooth pavement with some nice rolling hills. I hope this race stays on the calendar in the following years.





Candelas race opportunity

This is possibly the only chance you'll ever have to race on these beautiful scenic roads. The Candelas Circuit Race is being held on a tough loop that will demand strength,fitness,and skill from the winners. Located 5 minutes south off of Indiana St from the "Wall" Morgul~Bismark finish line

details on the Candelas Loop

Lap length is 3.6 miles. Course is wide,smooth,and has two car lanes + a bike lane in each direction separated by a median. The southbound direction of the course trends upward and the northbound direction is mostly downhill. Hope this answers your question-CG

Have you seen the Mike Horgan course?

303 posted it last month or so ago, but that course is insane steep. I imagine a lot of riders "saving" themselves for a course like this with some climbing that is reasonable, not insanity that Horgan will dish out.

Horgan was awesome this year

Mike Horgan was awesome this year. Boulder Racing put on a kick ass event all around; great volunteers, mix1 and fruit at the top, plus a really cool lion award, even if I didn't win one.

It's a loop, out and back,

It's a loop, out and back, on a closed road... two lanes in each direction, separated by a median. The description has been available on the DBC website for some time now.

Stop complaining

Stop complaining! Be happy that someone is promoting races! Do it if you want, don't do it if you don't want to, but just stop complaining when someone is going thru the pain and sweat of putting on a race for your ungratefull arse


a handful of these guys/gals are fantastic and actually post quality shots but others seem to just snap a couple hundred shots and then post them without thought/effort.

You seriously expect $5 for one of those shots? Show some pride people!!!!

I disagree!

Yes, some photographers are better than others.

For some racers who only do an event or two a year, they may be looking for the perfect professional quality photo to mount on their wall and be willing to pay $20-25 for it.

Other racers just want a decent picture to put on facebook or twitter at lower resolution and these shots are priced perfectly for this purpose.

I hope all the photographers keep up the good work and keep coming to our events.

Good work?

So when half of photog x's shots are out of focus, show the back half of a rider, centered on god knows what... ...etc. that's good work? That's embarrassing! all I'm asking for is to spend 5 additional minutes looking through the shots

You are a jackwad. Believe

You are a jackwad. Believe it or not, the photographers out there are not there for just you. It is not your god-given right to have them at any race. If you don't like the photos don't buy them. My guess is you will anyway as you are the kind that just wants to see yourself no matter how fuzzy and how much of pack fodder you are. Get over yourself. Maybe you would be better off going Anthony Weiner and taking photos of yourself in the mirror.

you may be right...

I may indeed be a "jackwad" and I certainly am pack fodder in Mens 35+ and that's likely all I'll ever be as the pointy end of that group is freakin' fast.


I enjoyed the race. DBC does a great job. The course was as advertised which always helps if you live far away and can't preview it. Hope the area stays undeveloped for awhile so we can race there again :)