2011 VICs Prospect Criterium



Great race, cool course.


a great race overall, and a cool course within that little development. All the restaurants lining the route allowed for crowds to watch the races (even if they were not initially intending). It made for a cool atmosphere. My apologies to the 3 riders (again) who I took out in the SM 4 race on the final sprint. It was a pure accident.

Secondly - my only critique for the race director....that course was too technical not to be pulling riders. We were coming out of turns with lapped riders still hanging around, and it made for a few moments which were sketchy, as many lapped riders do not know where to ride as the field is coming back on top of them. `

The race director has

The race director has nothing to do with pulling lapped riders. That is up to the Chief Ref. But to your point, I agree, with that course you need to pull lapped riders. The problem was the fields were so small if you pulled lapped riders, you would have had 10 guys finishing.

Too bad the fields were so small. Not sure why, maybe becuase Evans was the day before? It is a good course and a myth it is dangerous. It is a hard race, but not dangerous.

Hard to imagine the race will be back in 2012 with the numbers they got. It is really a shame. I think 2012 is going to look a lot different with some good races going away.

Last year was masters states

Last year was masters states so that's one reason for the decline, but all other categories were down this year, too. Did you notice the lower numbers at Evans this year? Down almost 300. Could be the cost of racing is getting to people. I know I am being more selective this year, and when I see a race that's $40 (or $55 with late fees, like masters states this year), I really have to think about going.

I agree, the timing of this

I agree, the timing of this race being after Evans hurt it. Evans draws such huge numbers and it's an A race for a lot of folks. Racing on consecutive days is always difficult. It was so hot yesterday and I just couldn't bear going outside again for another race.

It seems like numbers are down at a lot of road races this year. Conversely, mountain bike racing seems to be gaining popularity. Maybe just natural ebb and flow in road popularity, but perhaps something else?

It was mt evans. Vics is one

It was mt evans. Vics is one of the better crits in the area and I hope it sticks around. Protip: riding up 287 to the race greatly increases your chance up picking up road debris and flatting 10 minutes into the race.

Yes it was

Evans, no doubt, several of my teammates did Evans, (2 hour drive one way) simply did not want another 3+ hours of driving the next day.

Mt. Evans #s around the same...

The results are broken up Licensed Cats. vs. Citiziens.
Last year 1043 (Starters) 1065 (Finishers) - That seems a bit strange...
This year - Licensed 794 (692) + Citizens 403 (323) = 1197 Starts (1015 Finishers)

Vics Crit - 1K Crit on tight roads with 6 turns. I think a lot said "No Thanks". 1-2s numbers really sucked! 17 Men, 6 Women. You would think that group would love a tight "challenging" course. Only 45+ & 35+ 3s were over 30 riders.
*Interesting that there was only 1 finisher from the Vic's Espresso-Peerless Tire Team that promoted the race.

Compare that to Longmont Crit - 6 turns on a wider & longer course. 312 Finishers vs. 168 finishers at Vics. Not sure of the Longmont start numbers...

It was really a shame the

It was really a shame the small numbers. This is a real crit course. In my opinion this is the best crit course of the entire year. The tight courses are safer than the wide open ones where you enter corners 5 wide. If you can handle your bike you get up front and stay there.

My only hope is that there was an Mt. Evans factor at work and they hold this race again in 2012 on a different weekend.

Not Quite the Best

I LOVED this race (I also came in second, so that helps), but it's not the best crit we have; Niwot was RIP.

I certainly hope this race comes back next year as I will certainly be lining up again!

Not dangerous

Accidents can happen just riding out of your driveway so can't blame the course for having a myth of being dangerous but I do recall a rider being airlifted last year.

BRC Riders

Didn't any one else think it was a little odd that the two BRC riders both flatted while in the break two laps apart? Seems a little weird, and the announcer was thrown off a little by this as well. Also it's funny that both riders were allowed to return to the race back in the break. Lets take a breather, and get back in the race with the one guy that stayed out the whole time. CARMA!!! Both BRC riders crashed out with each other. Those I believe were the only two flats of that race.

Cat 3 Break

I was the rider from Quarq. I must admit I was a bit puzzled when they rejoined with me, but at the time I was happy to get some help - there were still a lot of laps to go. As for the crash, we were in the middle of the straight and I heard rubbing on my rear wheel and then bikes on pavement. I had the hammer down and was still feeling pretty strong, so there wasn't any slowing or swerving going on. I felt bad for them when they went down and my instinct wanted to stop and make sure they were okay. The thought of karma for the free lap did occur to me, but I would have rather we all stayed upright and had a good shootout at the end. Overall, I really enjoyed the race and the competition and would like to return next year. Thanks everyone for a great event.

BRC Rider

I assure you that the free laps exercised were a) not premeditated pauses for a breather; both of us are plenty in shape to have held that break. b) both free laps were deemed legitimate by the referee, and neither of us did any pleading to get our way. Also, yes when you take a free lap, they try to put you back from whence you came... not at the back, this isn't mario kart.

In terms of karmic recourse: i'm not sure that the concept of karma applies here, and if it did, a broken frame and lost skin does not seem like justice for legitimate free laps. Maybe you'd be less bitter if you trained a bit harder and could get in a break yourself?

Jim, as far as the crash goes, things happened fast, we all have our views, i'll leave it there. It's bicycle racing. However, I will offer two things 1) don't look over your shoulder while on the front, and 2) if your gonna wheel suck for a few laps, don't accelerate off the front when you do decide to take a pull... not bitter, just saying, it makes for a more successful break. I'm sure there is plenty to criticize all of us on... Glad you could hold it out for the win, you did a lot of work to get there.

Cat3 break

Thanks for the accurate and classy response Carl. Jim - hope to see you next year in the same breakaway sans the accident. Congrats on the big win.


After reading everyone's comments I have a couple observations;

1) The question concerning the Flats. Tim Hall ( ACA Ref) inspects the pitted bike to offer a free lap to the rider. The bike must have a legitimate mechanical to take a free lap. Both riders where offered free laps and directed back to the break. If you feel this was a incorrect interpretation of ACA rules than make a protest ( you have 15 mins after every race)

2) Obviously the BRC riders where strong enough to create the break and stick with it. One BRC rider stayed in the field and created a false field tempo. It was a team effort; text book move. In addition numerous breaks this year have been dominated by BRC riders -City Park, Coal Miners, etc. BRC has always raced aggressively as a team and do not believe in negative racing. As a team BRC we will risk losing big to win big. Racing fast and aggressive lends to safer racing for everyone. (Sitting in for the sprint at your local Crit will not make you a great bike racer)

3) Finally, I love the Anonymous post. Let your leg's do the talking

In the future I would ask negative folks in the community to think about comments made publicly. We are willing to listen and learn from our experiences. However creating a caddy atmosphere will only produce discontent. Make an effort to change a community positively vs. antagonizing a community

My bad! We have a family

My bad! We have a family pet named Carma. I and others thought that two flats by two different teammates in a breakaway looked odd. I simply raised a question on a forum where anyone can voice their opinion on this or any issue. I would also like to know why both were allowed to return to the break away. The rider from South Dakota was clearly the stronger rider, and from his response to this issues a good sport as well. Thanks for the spelling correction.

It is nice how easy it is to

It is nice how easy it is to get on a forum like this and accuse people of cheating. If that is what you think you should have taken it up with the CR at the race, like a man, not here. Our team had an issue with a rider taking way too long to get back into this race last year and we asked the CR about it immediately after the race.

Have you ever raced? Ever been to a pit? Do you understand the rules?

1. "why were they allowed back in the break?". If you are in the break, have an issue like a flat tire, you go back into the break. It is pretty simple, when you take a free lap you get to go back into the same general place you were. If you were in the pack, you go back to the pack, if in the break, you go back to the break.

2. You basically indicated that these riders did not flat. So if that is your opinion please explain what they did? Did they show up in the pit with perfectly good wheels and just say they flatted? Did they hide in a bush and let the air out of their own tires to take a breather? There should be an official in the pit and it is their responsibility to judge whether you had a legitimate miss hap or not. Even if there is not an official, I believe the neutral guys from ROL know the rules as well.

Re: Odd

You probably haven't been watching all season as the BRC guys are frequently in breaks and plenty strong enough to stay there. Insinuating anything else is insulting to a good team that races as a team and does a lot of for the cycling and racing community.


You and everyone else knew what the meant with the Carma/Karma thing, he make a good point and a great question, your arrogance was unnecessary, a small mean jab easily heard at recess in elementary school. He handled your response with class.