Elegance in Sport - the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Trophy

Earlier this week, 303Cycling was invited to view and photograph the Tiffany&Co. trophy for the overall winners of the GC, Sprint, King of the Mountain and Best Young Rider categories of the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. At the heart of the design of this beautiful trophy is the classic Tiffany & Co. Revere bowl in sterling silver.

Tiffany designers worked closely with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge on the design of the etching and engraving. The Company has a long history in sports trophies beginning in 1860 with the design of the Woodlawn Vase for a horse racing association in Louisville, KY and numerous creations for the NFL, MLB and NBA including the Superbowl's famous Lombardi Trophy.

This cycling trophy is currently on display at the Tiffany & Co. in Cherry Creek. The store director, Chad McKeehan, is a cycling enthusiast who has commuted to work by bicycle every day for over three years. He does local charity and recreational rides. Pleased to have Tiffany & Co. involved in the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge McKeehan said, "I think cycling is great for the environment as well as your health, and there's no better place for this race than Colorado; a place that puts emphasis on these priorities."

Who will have the honor of hoisting high above their heads these beautiful trophies? Watch out for the 303Cycling poll and vote!

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