2011 Triple Bypass Changes

Last year the Triple Bypass filled up in less than an hour. There were alot of great alternatives but the Triple Bypass is a classic Colorado event. For 2011 the registration process is very different and there are other riding options as well.

Here are some of the details along with a FAQ from the Team Evergreen website.

If you're one of those cyclists who itches and twitches at the thought of a big epic ride, we have an event for you! Do you have what it takes to cross three Colorado Rocky Mountain passes (Squaw, 11,140'; Loveland, 11,990'; Vail, 10,560') on one 122-mile lung-busting day? The traditional Triple, a 3,500 rider, point to point bike ride begins in Evergreen and finishes in Avon with over 10,600 feet of climbing along the way. Start training for 2011 now.

New in 2011, a Reverse and a Double Triple.

On January 7th we open the first ever "Triple Event" drawing. You will have the ability to enter a drawing for one of these three events:

  • The Triple Bypass (Saturday July 9th, 2011, Evergreen to Avon)
  • The Reverse Triple Bypass (Sunday July 10th, 2011, Avon to Evergreen)
  • The Double Triple Bypass (Saturday and Sunday, July 9th-10th, 2011, Evergreen to Avon to Evergreen)

FAQ list

Q1) The web announcement says we can pre-register before the Jan 7 drawing for the 2011 Triple. How do we do this?
A) The pre-registration (ability to enter the drawing) opens at 8am January 7th at this webpage: www.triplebypass.org. You will have several days to do this and it does not matter when in those days you pre-register. On January 18th we will notify everyone who entered a valid email address the results of the drawing. Shortly after that, drawing winners can go to Active.com to register for the Triple event for which they pre-registered.

Q2) Will all drawing entrants be notified whether they became eligible for an entry into the event of their choice?
A) Yes, everyone who submits a valid email address to the drawing will receive notification of their event status via email the morning of January 18th.

Q3) If I am selected, how much time do I have to register for the event of my choice? I did my first ride in 1992 and never dreamed it would get this big, result of having the best ride in the nation!
A) Thank you for your comment! If you are selected in the drawing, you will have a two day window in which to register for your event on Active.com.

Q4) Does each event have a maximum rider cap?
A) Yes. The Triple is 3,000, the Reverse is 2,000 and the Double is 500. This means that there will be 3,500 riders on the course on Saturday and 2,500 on Sunday. If your primary choice fills, and your secondary choice does not fill, then your secondary preference will be used.

Q5) Why did you implement a drawing process this year to get into the Triple Bypass?
A) In the past 3 years the time period in which the Triple sold out has gone from 11 days, to 2 days to 45 minutes. We do not want to rely on a computer system to handle 5,500 registrations at the same time. We also want to better understand demand for these events, but most importantly we wanted to implement a process that is as fair as possible for all prospective riders.

Q6) Is there an advantage to being a Team Evergreen member?
A) I you plan to join Team Evergreen as a new member just to get into the Triple, that will not improve your chances. If you led a club road or mountain ride in the 2010 season, you are eligible for final registration. (If you lead a club ride in 2011, you will qualify for the 2012 Triple Bypass.)

Q7) I am interested in signing up for the triple bypass ride. If you are a member, do you have a better chance at getting selected for the ride?
A) Joining the club just to get into the Triple will not improve your chances.

Q8) If I renew my membership AND win an entry into the Triple Bypass, will I be able to deduct the team membership fee from the Triple fee?
A) The price of the Triple is the same for members and non-members. Here is our intent:
You do not have to be a Team Evergreen member to enter the Triple Drawing. Membership is for people that want to get involved with the club, go on rides, weekend trips, help out with advocacy, join a committee, participate on the race team, attend club parties and functions, etc. We are trying to discourage people from joining the club just to get a deal on the Triple Bypass ride. However, we plan to incent long term members by giving them the opportunity to ride the Triple.

Q9) Can I sign up for all three Triple events to improve my chances of getting in?
A) No, you must select the event that you would most like to ride. If another event does not fill, then your alternate preference will be used.

Q10) Which of the Triple events will I have the best chance of entry?
A) We can only guess which event will receive the most drawing entries, but we do anticipate that all three events will sell out.

Jenny Anderson
Triple Bypass Ride Director

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