2011 Steamboat Springs Stage Race



Circuit Race Issues?

So they moved the registration open date from July 20 to July 25th, and the Circuit race is still "TBD". Coincidence, and if so, what are they going to do if the development where they held the race previously is no longer so accommodating.

People are booking hotels now, and asking for time off from work for this race. If they are going to shorten the race to three days it would be nice to know sooner rather than later.


The registration open date was moved back five days and the circuit race course is not finalized, both not uncommon in race promotion several weeks out. I wouldn't read any more into it than is there. This promotor has no history of changing or canceling races, so I'm not sure how you are reaching your conclusion.

Even better!

Taken directly from the SSR website today:

"Wildhorse Meadows was the site of the Steamboat cyclocross race in 2010 and this year they will be hosting the circuit race. Final course details pending, but expect a fast and fun circuit race in the heart of the ski area."

Should be good and hilly! No driving and parking/warming up in the weeds will be SWEET although the previous year's circuit race course was awesome.

Now the tough decision, Masters Nats in Bend or SSR?