Rock the River or another course?

Is the Sunday Road Race for the RMO going to be the Rock the River or another course? I know they had a few proposals for different courses. The two other courses where on the other side of Glenwood, towards Aspen. Makes it a required overnight stay race.

That is interesting, thanks.

That is interesting, thanks. I had emailed the promoter a few months ago and he was pretty clear they were going to use one of the new courses he had as an option, the one up near Basalt. Not a big deal either way, I like the Rock The River Course.

Ditto. Rains last year

Ditto. Rains last year ruined the race, washed out the roads. Most races got cut to a few 6-mile out-and-backs. Not the greatest for being in the middle of CO. I hope there is at least one hill in this year's race, weather permitting.

Low reg numbers?

Here were are again mid June and we have another race with really poor reg numbers. I am not blaming anyone, I am more wondering why this is and saying it concerns me for the future of racing in CO. If these numbers keep up, we are going to lose more and more races. The numbers for the crit are pathetic in many categories and the numbers for the RR are not too good either (even though it is BAR/BAT and Masters state RR).

Why are the numbers bad? People do not like the courses? Front range people have gotten so lazy they will not do the drive? Is it the dirt in the RR? People are already burnt out? The majority of members of the ACA now a day’s only race 5 times a year? I do not know.

People complain they want longer races, well here is a 3 day race we are not supporting. People whine about too many crits, yet here is an interesting RR. Dead Dog almost died last year and now this. People complain that we do not run enough categories (the guy on here complaining the 35 3's had to race with the 3's at Superior, same thing with the cat 3 woman who wanted a separate category for them, even thought their field rarely are larger than 10 in a RR), yet this race is offering most categories and the numbers are still low.

2012 is going to be interesting as promoters sit back and look at their numbers from 2011. Most races are not viable with fields under 300. Will City Park be back? How about Hugo? Or Dead Dog or Rocky Mountain Omnium? I am concerned. Chris at the ACA are you noticing this trend? What is going on? Why? Are you all concerned too? You should be.

Rock the River is up from

Rock the River is up from last year but down from 2 years ago.
2008 - 280 (Senior and Masters numbers)
2009 - 408 (Senior and Masters numbers)
2010 - 213 - Lots of rain and shorter course.
2011 - 300 or so (Biggest drop is Senior 1-2, 3 & 4s from 2009 - Not many UCI Pros have done it in the past so that is not the reason. Probably more to do with Money: Gas Costs, Entry & Hotels???) - It's on Fathers Day, It's one week before Dead Dog instead of the usual two weeks, Less Hype???

Not just Colorado numbers being down. Elkhorn Stage Race in Oregon. Used to get 300 to 400, now they are down to less than 200 this year. http://www.elkhornclassic.com/ - Big drops in Men 1-2 & 3s also. They had Mt. Hood a few weeks ago, so people might be tired or broke...

I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing. I am racing, but I was bummed that they stuck with the same course. With Sunshine cancelled, Lookout postponed, and Rist back in August we haven't had a decent climbing race in CO this year. We live in the most mountainous state in the country but we do road races like Hugo that don't go up any hills.

I'm really excited for Dead Dog, Evans, Rist coming up because we'll actually have some hills!

Iron Horse was a great climb

Last time I checked, the Iron Horse Road Race took place entirely within the State of Colorado and it was a true climber's delight - no mass sprint at the end of that one! Now I agree that there is a serious lack of road races with hills over 1000' but it is very difficult to permit routes on any of the mountain passes in the state.

Great End to the Colorado Spring Classics

Rock the River was a great way end to the 2011 Colorado Spring Classics. Course was in great shape with just the right amount of of gusting, swirling wind to make the racing a bit hard.
April to mid-June is my favorite racing season. 6 Classics on varying courses.

Time for the skinny butt climbers to take over now...

Most Races are bringing in good numbers...

The Spring numbers are pretty even with last year for most races...

600+ Riders -->> Roubaix RR, Haystack TT&TTT, Deer Trail RR, and Morgual Bismark RR all above 600 riders, some above 700.

400 - 600 range -> Wheels of Thunder, State TT, Superior Crit, Lousiville Crit & Koppenburg

300 - 400 range -> Hugo, Coal Miners Classic, Sonic Boom & Rock the River RR

Below 300 --> Frost Bite TT, Groove Crit(1/2 Snowed out), Hill Crit(Rain), eRock Crit & City Park Crit. Courses, Cost, break after spring races, ??? People need a weekend off from racing at some point.

Most races are having a harder time finding Volunteers than Racers. Might loose some races because less people are volunteering at races. More unattached racers = Less people on clubs to chip in.


This might partially be that a bunch of promoters have recently been giving only discounted entries instead of free entry to volunteers. I, for one, won't volunteer without free entry as it (racing + volunteering) takes up my whole day for a meager discount.

I wonder how much mandatory

I wonder how much mandatory online preregistration is affecting things? I also wonder, if online registration is so helpful for promoters, why do so many races close registration days before an event?

As for the RMO, they've violating the cardinal rule of 'don't host a race on a holiday weekend'. Sunday is Father's Day, which combined w/ early closure of registration and $4 a gallon gas, is why there aren't many folks heading over for the races.