2011 - Big Ring Cyclocross



*** Update 11/5/2011 ***
NEW VENUE - 2.2 miles of hard pack dirt, asphalt, prairie weeds, and sand - a little bit of everything - not very technical, but enough twists and turns to test your strength - come check it out - you won't be disappointed!

Nice payout for Senior Men OPEN and Senior Women OPEN - $300 for 1st(merch), $200 for 2nd(merch), $100for 3rd(merch) and a 4th place prize for all categories!

Mere mortal category prizes are 1st thru 4th - where else have you seen that?

Announcing by Larry Grossman, Pancakes by Flippin Flapjacks and good weather guaranteed! SPONSORED BY BIG RING CYCLES in Golden, Colorado and hosted by the folks who put on the Triple Bypass, Team Evergreen and Team Evergreen Racing.

Directions 9500 N. Motsenbocker Road south of Main street in Parker – west of Parker Road.

From Denver and Colorado Springs take I-25. Exit Lincoln Avenue east. Right on Jordan southbound, left on Main street eastbound, right on Motsenbocker Road south- bound about 2 miles left to Salisbury Equestrian Center.

Registration and Entry Fees: Online $25 for first race, $15 for second race, $30 race day. Juniors race free when racing in their junior category. Entry fees include ACA operational & insur- ance surcharges. One-day ACA membership is available at race site for $10. No annual licenses will be sold the day of the race but can be purchased at americancycling.org. Your CX racing age is your age as of Dec. 31 2012. Race day registration opens at 8:00am and closes 20 minutes before the start of each race. ONLINE registration at http://mad.sc/BigRingCX2011. Call-ups based upon ranking provided by CrossResults.com. Course warm-ups ONLY during designated times (see below). TIMING CHIPS WILL NOT BE USED - NO TIMING CHIPS NEEDED.

Amenities: Onsite mechanical support provided by Jinji Cycles, Pancakes by Flippin’ Flapjacks, Race Announcer Larry Grossman, kids playground on premises.

Course Description: 3.3K (2.0 miles) long. The start area is asphalt - finish area is pavement. 1% Sand, 9% Pavement, 90% hard pack dirt or grass, approximately 95% of course has ample space for passing.

Restrictions: Race parking only in West lot or overflow lot. No race parking in East lot up course from finish line – ACA officials, race staff and vendor parking only in the East lot. No staking of team tents/canopies in the team warm-up area (grass circle south of Finish line) or on grass any- where at venue.

Race Flyer



Big Ring CX - Saturday

My team is putting on this race so I'm a little biased :) Honestly though, I road the course a few weeks back and I came away very impressed. There's a tough sand area along a creek that will be difficult to clear, it can be done but it won't be easy. Tall grass fields - think Belgium, punchy climbs, a short and steep run-up, off camber, long power sections, I guess a bit of everything and I can't say it will suit one type of racer over another.

If you want to pre-ride or do your openers workout on the course come out Friday afternoon. If you do stop by please say hi and let us know what you think.

Bing Ring CX

I am not on the team, but have ridden the course. It has a variety and a lot of twists and turns that make it very fun! The event should go over very well with everyone enjoying the race. I am really looking forward to racing myself.

Big Ring

race was a hoot, a bit nervous being my first cross race, guys in the parking lot were so helpful, air pressure suggestions, one guy saw me getting on and off my bike warming up, I must really suck because he rode over and gave advice, much different than the rode scene, in a good way.

Prize payout clarification for SM / SW Open at Big Ring CX race

A question was asked about the SM / SW Open Prizes at Big Ring CX. The flyer states: $600/3, Merch 4. The $600 for 1-2-3 is not cash. They are $300, $200 and $100 merchandise certificates redeemable at Big Ring Cycles in Golden. Sorry for any misunderstanding this may have caused.

Cory Kramer
Big Ring Race Director


The flyer was definitely misleading since a gift cert is really actually only merchandise. Flyer implied cash. This is also a poor choice for Open categories since virtually all these riders are on teams with shop and gear sponsors. Would have been better (although less impressive sounding) to give $300 cash since that is roughly the cost equivalent to the shop.


The turnout (311) was actually pretty good considering the race was in Parker and not a Cup or Boulder Racing Series race.

3 times larger than the USAC

3 times larger than the USAC race last weekend with the $3K buy off.
I don't know anybody that races a race because of the prize list for the Open category.
Cross season has peaked. Time to drink beer and eat turkey.

Not promoters fault

Big Ring Cycles came up with these prizes, not the promoter. Besides the gift certificate, Big Ring threw a bunch of old unsold junk in a box and called it "prizes". One example, a girl received a pair of old 1990's winter gloves size XXL! Cheap skates. They've got $10,000 bikes hanging on the walls and they can't come up with appropriate prizes?

If not the promoter, who is

If not the promoter, who is responsible for the prize list? And don't say it's the sponsors' responsibility. The promoter doesn't have to accept the sponsorship if it doesn't meet his/her requirements.

Big Ring Cx Run up

What a HUGE difference the run up from hell was for the early racers vs the later ones. Spikes worked great. I didn't see anyone in the easy races ride it. It was nasty!