2011 - Oredigger Classic Results

This weekend was the Oredigger Classic in Golden. The course follows the classic Lookout Mountain Climb. I am sure some of the racers did this as a warmup to get the feel for the Lookout Mtn HC the first of May.

The turn out was relatively low but it is still March! Here are the Men and Women open results. If you have pictures please contact us

Men Open

1 George Bennett
2 LeRoy Popowski
3 Kevin Nicol
4 Chris Carr
5 Russell Harding

Women Open

1 Kasey Clark
2 Megan Hottman
3 Amy Smith
4 Sue Stokes
5 Erin Dunham

Full Results

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The result isn't the

The result isn't the important thing, it's the effort put out and your personal satisfaction (or lack of) of that effort. The point wasn't so much about whether results, per se, are important but rather whether the OreDigger Classic is worth worrying over.

For perspective understand

For perspective understand that I know Moro and think he is a whiny little kid but he has a point. If he pays his money and shows up and races there should be some record of it, otherwise refund him. This results aren't the important thing is bull or ignorant depending on your point of view. If "the effort put out and personal satisfaction" is all you are after save your cash and go do a training ride.