2011 North Boulder Park Criterium



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Taking place on Sunday, July 10th from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., racers of all ages and abilities will be competing in their respective categories in front of friends, family and fans. The day is highlighted by the Men’s and Women’s Pro Races, attracting some of the nation’s top cyclists and a large crowd to cheer them on.

That’s the nut and bolts, but really this event is about much more. A day of bike races at North Boulder Park is a celebration of atmosphere; Blue skies, a green park, Flatiron views, the sites and sounds of a bike race and what you get is an atmosphere that is uniquely Boulder. It’s a day-long party celebrating health, the great outdoors, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. “Only in Boulder” as they say.

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the crying about other

the crying about other people crying is equally if not more annoying. let people voice their opinion, as they have a right to, and either respond intelligently if you are able to or not at all

wasn't crying about them

wasn't crying about them crying about fees... I was making the point that they were just whining... They have a right to whine, I have a right to make fun of them for doing it.

Ouch $ 30-$35-$36-$40 crits

July 3rd Candelas Circuit Race: Brand new course on brand new closed roads. Candelas offers a longer race than any of the crits in July, costs $30 for mail in or race day reg and has no late fee (on line sign up add $ 2.50)

If there is any money leftover it will be rolled into Boulder Cup Weekend. We roll any leftover revenue into whatever the next race is and usually spend it all plus some we don't have for Boulder Cup. CG

Conflicts with Toona...

If I was a Pro, I would be doing Toona! It's back as a 6-day Stage Race! Very Cool - http://www.tourdetoona.com/racers.html
Just hope USACycling doesn't let in UHC like at Nature Valley. Need a SR for Conti races and Elite 1s to prove themselves.

“With the USA Cycling sanctioned race back on the National Racing Calendar and a total purse of over $110,000, we expect to see a large turnout for this year’s event.” said the Tour’s Program Director Pamela Etters. “I cannot imagine any racer wanting to miss out on the opportunity to race ‘Toona once again knowing what is at stake.”

SuperWeek is Tops

Two weeks of 90KM to 100KM Criteriums and Road Ciruits. No better place for an up and coming racer to go. If you have a bad day it doesn't matter. You still get to race the next day.
Race, Rest & Repeat!

The longest running multi-day bicycle racing series.
• The Point Premium Root Beer International Cycling Classic fields more competitors annually than any other American race.
• The event stages more races in a major American city (Milwaukee) than any other U.S. cycling event.
• Competitors are challenged with the most consecutive days of bicycle racing offered in America.
• The oldest and largest multi-day competitive cycling event for Men's Category 3 and 4 races, Juniors, and Women.
• The first Pro/Am competitive racing series in the United States.
• Part of the first American Criterium Championship Series in 2003
• Hosted a stage in the 1999 Saturn U.S. Pro Tour
• Final Stage for the 1998 Tour of America.
• Provided the first national stage race and NPC Championship series for inline skating in Wisconsin.

According to the cooperative

According to the cooperative agreement, aren't your ACA and USAC categories supposed to match? If you're racing cat 4 in USAC races, but cat 3 in ACA races, you're sandbagging the USAC races.

I'd bet that you can get your USAC license upgraded to cat 3 before the NBC, problem solved.


You can't race the 1-2s as a One-Day racer...

One-Day Licenses – A rider holding a current ACA license may purchase a One-Day USA Cycling license and race at any non-UCI or non-national championship USA Cycling event in the same category as evident
on their ACA license in Categories 3 and 4. For a rider to be eligible, they must present a current ACA license to validate their category at the USA Cycling event.

USAC for Cat 3's

The flyer states:

Here’s the story. a USAC license is required for all Pro, 1, 2 and 3’s. One-day licenses will be available for $5.
Basically, this enables UCI Pros to participate in this event which isn’t currently possible as strictly an ACA race.

is there any rationale for making the Cat 3's a USAC race? Are there any UCI pros with Cat 3 licenses?

USAC vs ACA in 2012

Is it more or can anyone else see a lot of the staple ACA races just being permitted through USAC next year? I've already talked with a lot of pissed off promoters over being the $800 ginny pig for the chip system. First the Wed Night Crits, now North Boulder Crit, who's next? I hold two licenses, but would be nice just to have one USAC.

Good point

But will there be a 55+ division?? I've spent the last 9 years having a blast in the 45+ use to race for the top 5, now for the top 20, Easy now, all you people who communicate by labeling other viewpoints as "whining" I also hold 2 licenses, because any possible way to support cycling I am in, ok, I am a greedy pig.

Surprising the ACA Director

Surprising the ACA Director never chimes in on any of these threads to clarify the strong points people are making for USAC. I also hold 2 licenses and would love to see some stats on how many racers in Colorado hold 2 as well.

It's still Pros vs. UCI/USAC

The issue I see is between the Pros and UCI/USAC. Pros are welcome to race ACA races and other independent races like Winter Park Series, it's just the UCI/USAC that is making a power play by using them. Pros are less than 1% of the USAC membership. UCI Rules almost killed Gila, Tour of Battenkill and other races. Also, it's silly that Pro team can only do USAC Crits unless they bribe their way in to other races like UHC did a Nature Valley...

Time to Wake Up

With all due respect, that last comment is pretty naive and expresses a very narrowminded point of view. What Pro is going to risk suspension and a fine to go to a local race? Most make enough money to barely survive and they certainly don't make enough money to be able to forfeit one month's or more salary; nor would their teams be too thrilled at any rider who did get suspended, causing them to miss the upcoming NRC races. So to say that any Pro could show up at an ACA race, while accurate, is unrealistic and ignores the bigger pictures.

Local ACA races have always been a great training opportunity for the local pros. And at the same time, the ACA has benefitted immensely as well. Having the pros show up at the ACA races has put more $$ in the promoters pockets (hence helping races to survive), made our local racers stronger, and made Colorado a mecca for professional cyclists. How many now-pros and ex-pros moved to Colorado when they were still hoping to go pro simply to benefit from the altitute training and level of racing that we have to offer. Many of the pro teams also send their riders to live in Boulder during the season (Pure Black Racing, V Australia, Trek-Livestrong come to mind). If their riders can't do the local races, which are incredibely important to their success at NRC events, doesn't it make sense that the teams would send them elsewhere next year? Can't you see how that would have a negative effect on the local economy with all those riders choosing not to live here in the future.

And how many times have you heard the ACA brag about the Pros who came up through the ACA's junior ranks, such as Taylor Phinney, Timmy Duggan, and Danny Summerhill. Ask yourself how good those kids would be, or how much longer it would have taken them to go pro, if they were racing in Cat 1/2 field sizes of 25-30 riders with not a single professional in there. They'd all have a heart attack at the first NRC event they went to with fields of 160. We all get better by racing against those who are better than us and enforcement of this rule has eliminated that top level from local racing.

And by the way, Pros can't be members of the ACA, so your 1% figure is irrelevant. Perhaps they are a small percentage of the overall total racers in Colorado, but they do show up to a large number of races (particularly early-season) and have an immensiely positive impact on the Colorado racing community in a number of ways.

So yes, it is a UCI/USAC problem. Yes, it is USAC flexing its muscles to screw the ACA. But the ACA Board and Executive Director need to wake up and find a way to create a solution. We do not live in an insular, isolated world. The ACA is part of the Colorado cycling community and so are the Pros who choose to call Colorado home. It's about time we came together as a whole cycling community to find a solution so that the quality of racing in Colorado doesn't slide any further downhill.

I checked w/ Boulder County- They do not have a PERMIT !!!

The group that is producing the Wednesday night races do not have a permit from Boulder County to use the roades around Thule/Case Logic.

These races are illegal.USAC is so out of touch --they have no idea. If someone is hurt at this thing do you think the USAC Insurance plan will cover them ?

Suprised that the promoter would risk suspension/litigation from lying on the USAC Event Permit Application


Easy to have checks and balances? how many races go on throughout the entire year in the US? Thousands. How many people do you think work for USAC? Tens. There is no possible way to check that every race promoter has all of their permits.

I got an idea, lets find a

I got an idea, lets find a way to complain about a local weekly race series that donates the money to a good cycling cause. Seriously, I am just happy we have a Boulder race series that is on a great circuit and is fun to race.

Regarding the ACA vs USAC issue: I have raced in states with both and the ACA does a fine job, but I don't think it is necessary. USAC also does a fine job. I don't like the lack of pros in the races this year, but I haven't shown up to races in tears because Tom Danielson can't race. I don't really know the history of why CO has this separate organization, but it would be nice to just hold one license universally. I didn't really have any complaints with USAC. One positive is that ACA posts results way faster than USAC in Texas, but I suspect that is due to the people doing the work and less about what organization they are with.

Truthfully, I am happy to have so many choices of races in CO that are easy to get to with passionate people putting them on. With the addition of the Wed. night races, you can race 5 races a week usually. TX was the same and it really makes the racing here better when riders can have more oppotunities to work on racing skills and fitness.

Thanks a ton to the folks putting these races together.


Firstly, if you pre-register for N. Boulder Park Classic and have to buy a USAC one-day license your total price will the same as all the the other ACA races - $36. If you have a USAC license, you actually save $5.

The reason Cat. 3's fall under the USAC sanctioning is because the governing bodies -- ACA & USAC -- require that the day be split between the two and 3's are in the second half of the day. I know, not ideal but it's what promoters are currently faced with If they want to include the local pro's in their event.

Pro Start List???

Just over a week till the crit,
What pros are going to be hammering the 1-2s into submission?

Time for the Pros to get some trash talk going!!!

Why do you reply to your own

Why do you reply to your own comments? Seeing as no one else has, no one cares. I bet you are a promoter, so you should know most pros never pre reg. I did the Wed night race tonight and it was like a 25 man NRC field, Zirbel, Pipp, Day and more.

Fromm Todd (rio)

"I broke the upper part of my Femur just below my hip socket. They were able to put in a steel plate and some screws. I should be out of the hospital tomorrow and on my way to recovery"


Kinda interesting the results were posted last night for the ACA races and the USAC races the results can not be found. I have searched around the USAC web site and cannot find them.