2011 - Mead Roubaix Mens Winner Poll

Alexi Grewal
Daniel Summerhill
Jake Wells
Colby Pearce
Tom Zirbel
Total votes: 172


Start List Posted?

Is there a start list posted on the DBC site? Nice to see who you are going to be racing against.

Also, great to have Pro-1-2 start list with bib numbers posted on Saturday, so you can follow the race/racers on Sunday. (good idea for all races that are trying to get fans involved.)

The ACA needs to step up and

The ACA needs to step up and fight for its riders and race promoters. If USA Cycling and the ACA can't work this out, maybe it's time to get rid of the ACA or for promoters to start permitting their races through USCF. Then at least the local pros who ride for Continental-registered teams (Kelly, Garmin's U-23, Jelly Belly, Kenda, V Australia, etc.) could race w/o fear of suspension or fines. Pro-Conti and Pro-Tour teams would still be a separate issue.

From what I read this is a

From what I read this is a UCI issue, not USAC (have not bene called USCF in a while). This is also why all the pros do every ACA race on a one day license, they cannot have ACA licenses.

The UCI is a bunch of fat, euro centric, morons who come up with rules like this, with rules that shafted cross seriers in the north east, and othe dumb rules effecting us in the US. That beign said USAC needs to push back harder against the UCI to get rules that work for the US, a very different situation than in Europe.

Outside of that I do think it is time for the ACA to go back to USAC, but that is a whole other discussion (feel free to tell me what a moron I am for thinking that :-). If we did that this issue would go away in CO.

It's a UCI rule, but a USAC

It's a UCI rule, but a USAC enforcement issue. UCI Rule 1.2.019 reads: "A national federation may grant special exceptions for races or particular events run in its own country." USAC has granted exceptions for the ACA and Oregon's OBRA in the past. Google "UCI Rule 1.2.019" and you'll find Cyclingnews articles and quotes from USAC's previous president on this issue. So, yeah, it's a UCI rule, but it is a USAC issue. Seems to me that all that needs to happen for the pros to race ACA races is for USAC to grant an exception for ACA races. Pretty simple. They've done it before, so why the sudden policy change without any explanation?