2011 Mead Roubaix Road Race

What a day for a epic race. The new Mead Roubaix course did not disappoint. Not only was the course extremely hard, the weather made things even more difficult. With a steady and sometime gusty wind out of the west, the afternoon fields shattered on the first lap. By the end of the second lap the Mens 35+ field was down to 4 or 5 guys and the Mens P-1-2 field had two guys off the front with 6 to 8 chasing.

Tom Zirbel (Photo Credit: 303Photo)

2011 Mead Roubaix Results

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The 2011 Mead Roubaix Race should be equally as great as the ever popular Boulder Roubaix. Since the Boulder Roubaix will not be held in 2011 take that Roubaix energy you have up to Mead and race on a course that could show nearly as much promise that the Boulder Roubaix has to offer.

2011 Mead Roubaix - What You Need To Know

Date: April 10, 2011
Start/Finish: Downtown Mead, Colorado

Course: 19.4-mile loop with mix of pavement (66%) and hardpack dirt road (34%)

Race Distances: Majority of competitors will race 38.8 miles, 58.2 miles or 77.6 miles depending on category (full race day schedule coming soon).

Climbing: 950 feet per lap
Crux: Sharp, 300-foot dirt road climb on Weld County Road 7, which begins just 4.4 miles from finishline

What about Boulder Roubaix: In an effort to not abuse privileged road access or burn out local host communities, DBC Events is operating Boulder

Roubaix on an every-other-year basis. This also allows DBC Events to bring bicycle racing to other Colorado communities, further developing this amazing sport we all love.

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map of 2011 mead roubaix roadrace



Mead-Roubaix Course Recon?

Has anybody else ridden the new Mead-Roubaix course recently?
I heard the dirt sections where loose and rocky with a soft shoulder. Not as hard packed like the Boulder-Roubaix roads.

Mead-Roubaix Course Recon

Be advised that the dirt sections of the course will be swept of any large stones the week leading up to race day which is April 10. It is our intention to have the route be in comparable shape to Boulder-Roubaix. The town of Mead and Weld County are assisting DBC Events with personnel and machinery to make this happen. CG

Not sure how they are going to fix the sand pit on County Road 7

unless they bring in a bunch of machines to compact the road on County Road 7, in combination with forecasts for rain this weekend, this race is going to be a mess. I agree - what good is grading going to do on County Road 7? The rain is not only coming too late, but at the worst time, right before the race, making the soft road seven into a sticky mud pit. If you think loose sand is difficult to ride on, try riding in mud, on a road bike.

Secondly - if you want to replicate Paris-Roubaix, you would leave the washboard in. I know people considering racing in their cross bikes.

Also - I highly advise for those riding with Speedplay pedals to find an alternative cleat/pedal system. If you have to dismount in this, there is a higher chance this cleat system will fail due to the nature of how it interacts with the pedal. This will be especially true if there is any moisture, which will clog up the cleats with mud. Mountain bike pedals if you have them may be the best alternative.

I think this route should be a one-and-done race. I have a feeling a lot of people after this year will opt out of Mead-Roubaix once they experience this course.

Not Sure how they are going to fix the "sand pit" on CR7 ?

I have ridden the loop too many times to count. If they wet the sandy area on Rd 7 after scraping it, the course will be perfect. Today I road the entire loop, I saw 3 different graders while riding 1 lap. The impact was remarkable. If the promoter does what they say they are going to, after scraping away the loose stuff on the top for the few bad sections,then use the water trucks it will be epic. THERE IS NO MUD THAT WILL FORM ON YOUR BIKE IF IT IS WET. This is not a clay based road (like the nasty Cateye Road Race).

I re-read dbc's note and they never said anything about removing washboard. Where do you get you info from ?

I agree with previous post, consider off road pedals and shoes just like for Boulder Roubaix. If the hack in front of you bobbles, you'll want to be able to clip out and get around them quickly.
This course is still BABY FOOD compared to the real thing even if we get sideways rain/sleet all day -- Just Saying

Grading of the road

I appreciate any correction to my initial post. However, my experience from having lived on a dirt road back East was grading was done to take out potholes and washboard, creating a looser surface for cars, but smoother for a vehicle with 4 contact point to the ground.

If they are removing some of the sand, then I agree with your statement, it will be a different race at that point. I guess the question is how much different.

I hope the roads are cleaned

I hope the roads are cleaned up some. I rode the course for the first time on Saturday and while sections are very tricky when riding on your own, they could become quite dangerous in a race situation. I can see one rider going down taking a LOT of others with them.

The course

I ride it at least once a week, but I usually am on my 29er SS mountain bike. The course definitely has a lot more loose gravel than the Boulder Roubaix, but there is a defined line and as long as you are in it you are pretty good.

The sketchy part will be the descent on CR3 coming back south, a steep and bumpy downhill. The hardest aspect will be the climb on CR7 coming back south. There are a couple of spots where a fast group could get off the front and put big time into the group before they notice too. I'll let you do your homework on those spots....

Personally I'd like to see the course / roads left as they are and not to have rocks removed.

Actually Within 1 Minute

35+ are at 11:32
3s / 35+ 3s Combined Start is at 11:33
...About 175 riders staging all together...

Behind the Men 45+ are going to run over the Men 4s and Women 1-2. Men 45+ are now the 3rd or 4th fastest group depending on the race.

Mead Roubaix Staging

This will be interesting. I know last year at the Boulder Roubaix the 35/4s and the 45/4s lines up together and I think both of those fields sold out. There were close to 200 cat four riders lining up together...

I did, but

I rode the course yesterday, before the snow started, but as Chris says above they are planning to do some work on the roads this week, so my impressions may be moot. That said, in some areas it was tough to find the sweet spot on the roads where it wasn't soft and where it looked hard, it was not always hard. The most dangerous sections have to be where you are descending fast on dirt and as you reach the bottom of the little hill (we are not talking very steep, but fast) it becomes somewhat of a cyclocross course because it is ALL soft and you are just trying to keep it upright and keep some speed... good luck.

Mead Roubaix course condition improvement plan

April 4~ 12pm today we are meeting with Mead Road Maintenance crew and driving a lap with them to solidify the plan. The Town of Mead is committed to improving all the bad sections of the course. They have been waiting in order to have the effects of their efforts be most beneficial. So far we have a grader machine, a road sweeper machine, and as many water trucks as needed to make it more hard pack for Sunday April 10. Work is scheduled for Friday and Saturday in order to maximize the effect of the grading,sweeping,and watering.

For anyone who has pre-ridden the loop, please know that it will be much improved for April 10. Any moisture this week will surely improve the course. We recommend 25c tires or sewups if you have em. Stay tuned for Fastcat Coaching's "Ask coach Frank Mead Roubaix advice" starting this Wednesday ! CG

refund if race is canceled?

I noticed that 75% is refunded if the race is canceled. I have never seen this before. Obviously you are looking for the racers to share in a loss from expenses before race day you will see if you have to cancel the race but what if 1000 people show up, will you refund 25% of everyones reg?

Beer Tent here I come!

Weather is looking hard!
Sunday: A chance of rain. Mostly cloudy and breezy, with a high near 50.

Sand will be a great excuse to pull out after a lap and drink beer!


Hey, If you do there is a great rib/beer joint on the start finish line... brickhouse bbq!

Crisp bills

I'm guessing you'd complain if you didn't get your refund in crisp new bills??

CG puts a lot of work into promoting quality events, and only a very few races offer refunds at all. You should apologize.

Race Refund

Mt. Wahington hill climb gives no refund if the race is canceled. Entry fee is $350.00

Course Condition

Did some course recon this morning, Road 7 has some watering done, but it is still a sand trap, uphill and down. Not sure how the morning groups will fare if they bring road bikes with 23mm tires. Predict winners will be on their cross bikes.

Hopefully the morning groups

Hopefully the morning groups and a little bit of snow/rain will help the course for the afternoon groups. If not, I'll be in the beer tent after the first lap. Long season ahead.

Latest Forecast...

Saturday Night: A slight chance of rain showers before midnight, then a chance of rain and snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 34. North northwest wind between 6 and 14 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph. Chance of precipitation is 50%. New snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

Sunday: A 50 percent chance of showers, mainly before noon. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 56. North northwest wind 6 to 9 mph increasing to between 14 and 17 mph. Winds could gust as high as 26 mph.

They were going to fast probably

I saw some crashes and in those cases they were going too fast for the conditions (and maybe their skill). It's not like the section where I saw the crashes the riders should have been surprised, everyone has been talking about the conditions and these sections all week long.


The promotor of this event should be hobbled! Extremely dangerous, alot of guys got hurt! Thanks a lot!
That's a MTB course, cobblestones would have seemed like glass compared to the 4 inches of loose dirt!

Glad I got dropped before CR

Glad I got dropped before CR 3. Never seen anything like that section in my years of racing. Looked up and the pack ahead just exploded all over the road and ditch. When I hit it myself, I saw why and ended my racing at that point. Not worth it. CR 7 was worse, but at least you didn't hit it at on a downhill. My mistake for not pre-riding the course. Would of skipped it, like I'll be doing next year.

Crepes and Beer where nice, but not worth going out there again.

Actually, it was kind of epic

That downhill section was a surprise--I did a couple laps on the course yesterday and it was in much worse shape today.

That said, it was an epic race. To me your average crit is far more dangerous and yet people don't seem to have an issue with that.

BTW if you've ever ridden cobbles you should know that they are not like glass. They are like trying to hold onto the paint mixer at Home Depot--by far the most pain I have ever experienced on the bike.

My only beef is that they didn't post any results on site, which makes protesting incorrect results on site within 15 minutes of their posting kind of difficult...

I had a great time

This was my 1st ACA race I had a great time. Yeah I got dropped. A lot of complaints out there about course. I thought it was great! Hell yeah hard and tough. I know I'm not the caliber of these riders complainging. But it seems they can choose what races to race in.

I thought it was awesome

I went out there with not enough base and on a road bike with 23mm slick tubies (I am a chick for the record), and I thought it was fantastic, though I did suffer a lot. The only part of the course that gave me issues was the last sand bog on 7. If you don't have gravel road skills, and didn't preride the course or check out the tons and tons of info and video about the conditions, then I just dont know what to tell you. I've been a promoter and an official, and I saw nothing that I would have called dangerous, just hard and requiring good bike handling skills. Not everyone has the skills for the beach at the Boulder Rez cyclocross race, and not everyone has the skills for this one. If you don't like it, that's okay but keep your childish melodramatic trolls and stick to racing nontechnical office park crits or whatever.

Just as advertised

My wife (she podiumed) and I raced today and didn't have any problems. The course did seem worse than a week ago when I pre-rode it (on a cross bike though). More soft dirt today. If you were tight in a group when you hit it, I'm sure that crashes might be expected.

Hey, it's a Roubaix course. What do you expect?

Thanks to the organizers, volunteers and officials (and the paid cops too!)! We had a ton of fun.


I just reviewed the pictures from 303cycling. Almost every afternoon group had a significant crash at the bottom of the hill in the sand pit.

The course was bullshit.

DBC Events saying 25cc tires were strong enough for that course is a joke.

Breaking a collarbone or anything else and complaining about course conditions when each and every group had a significant crash at the bottom of the hill in the sand pit is not melodramatic.

Not sure when you raced but it seems like the course really deteriorated throughout the day. I would also imagine the field you were racing in was small which makes the course dynamics much safer.

I would also assume there were many people who pre rode the course and didn't do it for safety reasons consider the numbers were way down from last years Boulder Roubaix.

Seems like the afternoon races also had much higher attrition rates. I guess the higher category you race the worse a bike rider you become.

sorta torn on the whole

sorta torn on the whole thing.

i really dont think those kinds of runup and sand pits belong in road races, and i did pre-ride, and i realize its voluntary and no one made anyone do it. (and i actually stayed upright and finished ok, so this isnt sour grapes).

i'm just voicing my 2 cents on this for future planning. i think i heard more grumbling about the course being a bit of a deathtrap in the afternoon than i heard "whoa that was awesome"

clearly some folks liked it, and i dont take anything away from thier fun and the winners accomplishment, but i bet a poll would confirm that more folks thought this course was kinda stupid and boredeline irresponsible.

mead roubaix

Since this was a chip timed event do you think that it should take so freaking long to post results?? Could anyone post even UNofficial results or please give us a hint of the finish or podium of the men's pro1-2?? ANYTHING?? THNX.

Oh yeah, real safe race.

Oh yeah, real safe race. Give me a break. Ask these guys and the dude who's fork snapped off:


And before you guys blame the first guy down, maybe something happened in front of him? It could happen to anyone. I have zero interest in doing that dangerous, 3 hour cross race ever again. I need to go to work tomorrow and had to watch my kids as soon as I got home today.

Rode the 2010 Boulder Roubaix course on Friday, it was mint.

I guess all the complainers

I guess all the complainers shouldn't race. Especially in Crits. I am a beginner. First road race EVER! I had no problems and I did not take it easy on THE hill (up or down). You all had an opportunity to reconoiter the course well in advance and decide to do it or not. You chose to do it. YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT. Crashes occur in all types of races and people get hurt and bikes get destroyed. I guess the TDF should be called off due to the ugly crashes that occur during it.

i gues the point that some

i gues the point that some of you are missing is that many who crashed didnt crash because they were unprepared or unskilled, they crashed because they were in giant fields on sketchy surfaces that arent suited to those size fields and that tight of pack at that speed.

congrats to those who didnt go down and feel like HTFUing at everyone, but the legitimate question is, what is the limit of reasonable risk and when does it become unduly dangerous. you can shug and say you were fine, but theres a case to be made that 100 people in a tight pack at over 20mph on CR3 was an inherently, unreasonably dangerous situation. at least one of the serious casualties is an outstanding cross rider who had no where to go except onto his shoulder.

crashes are a part of racing, but i dont think anyone would suggest you shouldnt keep safety in mind when designing challenging courses. i think parts of this course warrant a discussion about safety.

You don't always have to ride in a pack

When I am about to come upon a dangerous section on a course like this I never get in the center of the pack... off the front or (as usually my case) off the back... The real danger can be riding in the peleton, not so much the road conditions.

And like others have said, maybe that type of race isn't for everyone... just like crits arent' for everyone... or hill climbs... or TT's

you dont have to but the

you dont have to but the problem is that when those sections come EVERYONE wants to be in front of them and not everyone can be, or you can sit behind them and hope for the best and then spend the rest of the day in the wind alone.

i dont think that "you dont have to ride in the pack" is a reasonable defense of a course that is arguably dangerous for pack riding ,when you have 150+ people starting within a minute of eachother.

i agree that next years attendance will be the test of how this went, i just want to make clear that the HTFU comments are absurd. safety was- obviously- a legitimate concern and reason for a legitimate debate.

Dangerous Course ? How about a comparison ?

I called the promoter this morning and asked:

(1) how many racers- 678
(2) how many reported injuries : 3 to hospital and 3 to on site medical

Where can we get the stats on other races to do an actual comparison based on reported injuries ??

The fact that we lucked out

The fact that we lucked out and only had 3 injuries serious enough to require ambulances isnt proof of how safe the race was.

Just like driving home on a 5th of vodka and making it into your garage without killing somebody doesnt prove that drunk driving is safe.