2011 Mead Roubaix Road Race

What a day for a epic race. The new Mead Roubaix course did not disappoint. Not only was the course extremely hard, the weather made things even more difficult. With a steady and sometime gusty wind out of the west, the afternoon fields shattered on the first lap. By the end of the second lap the Mens 35+ field was down to 4 or 5 guys and the Mens P-1-2 field had two guys off the front with 6 to 8 chasing.

Tom Zirbel (Photo Credit: 303Photo)

2011 Mead Roubaix Results

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The 2011 Mead Roubaix Race should be equally as great as the ever popular Boulder Roubaix. Since the Boulder Roubaix will not be held in 2011 take that Roubaix energy you have up to Mead and race on a course that could show nearly as much promise that the Boulder Roubaix has to offer.

2011 Mead Roubaix - What You Need To Know

Date: April 10, 2011
Start/Finish: Downtown Mead, Colorado

Course: 19.4-mile loop with mix of pavement (66%) and hardpack dirt road (34%)

Race Distances: Majority of competitors will race 38.8 miles, 58.2 miles or 77.6 miles depending on category (full race day schedule coming soon).

Climbing: 950 feet per lap
Crux: Sharp, 300-foot dirt road climb on Weld County Road 7, which begins just 4.4 miles from finishline

What about Boulder Roubaix: In an effort to not abuse privileged road access or burn out local host communities, DBC Events is operating Boulder

Roubaix on an every-other-year basis. This also allows DBC Events to bring bicycle racing to other Colorado communities, further developing this amazing sport we all love.

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Posting comments from a Facebook posting regarding Battenkill about how things were at that race this past weekend. Found it interesting with all of the banter that has occurred here since Sunday. There was youtube video but the link has been made private.

Cat 4 35+ women competitors crash at the bottom of the hill on Meeting House Rd. during the 2011 Tour of the Battenkill. Two of the three involved transported to hospital. No known serious injuries. April 10, 2011
about an hour ago · Share
Bobby Carter hmmm. a bit light on the front re weight distribution too
Yesterday at 9:22am
Christopher Garges Ouch, talk about one of the worst possible places on the course to crash!
Yesterday at 9:42am
John Landino i remember hitting that patch and it was like surfing on sand
Yesterday at 10:03am
Steven Parseghian Typical race fall. The rider who caused the carnage is the one who gets up and walks away.
Yesterday at 11:10am
Peter Cotsis The stupid road 'surface' caused the carnage. Good grief that's just imbecilic.
Yesterday at 11:18am
Peter Cotsis It's a good thing those girls get paid for doing that.
21 hours ago
John Raheb It was a bit sandy there...keep the bike strait usually works
19 hours ago
Peter Cotsis If you race on a course like Bkill, that's what happens. I would also have more faith in the racing community's ability to ride in a straight line if half of you could actually SPELL straight. But I KID my racing pals. Just wear your friggin helmets and pray before you race.
18 hours ago
Bobby Carter i don't pray. i trust bike handling. without pay.
17 hours ago
John Raheb I can spell just fine...that was shorthand.
16 hours ago
Peter Cotsis But can you ride in a straight line @ 35 mph when you hit a patch of Bkill sand?
16 hours ago
John Raheb I went down that hill full speed..more like 40+ Mph. It was safer with sand
8 hours ago
Andy Ruiz For some reason the video is private now.
about an hour ago

Not a good race....poor

Not a good race....poor sponsorship, poor organization, and misleading advertising....never again...and DBC has sold my contact info. I am getting tons of emails from the Boulder area race scene, which I never signed up for.

DBC Events

I have done many DBC Events over the years (i.e. Boulder Cup, Boulder Roubiax etc) and I have never received emails from participating in their events. I do receive emails from DBC Events about races they are putting on but nothing else.

DBC Events Mailing List

I am sorry you had such a miserable time at the Mead Roubaix. Not sure how the sponsorship affects you and we do have some amazing sponsors who contribute time, money and talent to supporting the Colorado/Front Range cycling community - Victory Circle Graphix, Excel Sports, Eldorado Springs Water, Clif Bar, Primus Mootry, Podium, FasCat Coaching, and of course Boulder Beer. There was the whole community of Mead and the Mead Area Chamber of Commerce that rallied to support this event. And the volunteers - Rocky Mounts sent their van as a broom wagon, Polar Beverage drove their vehicle as a broom wagon, and The Natural Way Cycling Team raced and then marshalled the course. We are appreciative of all! And we would welcome your suggestions for sponsors and certainly encourage you to help solicit some so we can meet your expectations.

As for the selling of your list, DBC Events does not sell lists or even share them. I am specifically responsible for that list and I assure you the only information you receive are emails that we send and they are promoting our races and information. On every email you receive there is an option to "Opt Out" and we certainly encourage you to do so if you don't want to receive our emails. Or you can simply hit the delete button and ignore it. Or mark us as spam. There are options for you. Again, we do not sell the list.

I tend to not respond to forums or even react to forums, especially from people that are "anonymous" but I did feel that clarification was in order for some of your comments.

Again, we are certainly sorry that you had such a miserable time and wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season.

Poor Info on race

I was ready for hard dirt, ready for an ugly start with lots of fast cat 3 riders all wanting to be up front, ready to walk/run up a hill if needed, ready to chase, ready to drive 2 1/2 hours one way to race, sure was NOT ready to hit 3-5 inches of sand @ 25mph with wall to wall fellow racers WITHOUT any warning. No problems with the uphill sand (literally no chance of serious injury or mass pileups) I don't agree with the lack of ability comments, notice the lead 45+ crashes, you telling me those boys can't ride? Just tell me about the sand before, is that too much to ask?

The ACA should have...

The ACA should have put up signs telling riders to slow down. neutralize it. They could have told the riders at the start that like a corner in a crit, if you go to fast you run the risk of falling down.

Curious, how far was your

Curious, how far was your commute to preride? Not everyone lives in the area if you read, some actually have jobs and families, hard to justify a 4/5 hour commute to preride. I've raced all the other dirt/road races without a preride ,and placed in the top 10. Those races were as advertised.

Jobs? Families? They are man

Jobs? Families? They are man made prisons! If you are going to be serious about winning entry level races for middle age people to get a pair of socks, you have to give those other things up.....Commit!

Know what your talking about

The race promoter requested vehicles to stay off the course for rider safety, read the damn flier like those of us who choose to drive along way to race must do! Come on, just don't try to make stuff up.


pretty sure I saw cars on the course during my race. You had options, you didn't take advantage of any of them and now you're just whining just to whine. Good luck with that.

For clarity, you saying we

For clarity, you saying we should have NOT followed the promoters instructions and drove the course while other groups are racing? Please be clear on this point, cause we wanted to drive it, hell we even argued about it, but went with the promoters instructions. Really don't get the how this fits is the whining category

Poor info?

Just be glad you didnt race Nature Valley or Tour de Beauce last year then. Both races had stages with dirt road sections that were not in the race bible nor discussed at any point by the race organizers or officials then, SURPRISE! right in the middle of the race you hit a nasty gravel road section and guys go down without warning. This brings up the UCI radio ban issue but thats a whole other can of worms. My advice if the course has technical features like dirt road sectors then get there a little early and have a look before the race starts.