2011 - Louisville Criterium Results and Photos

The ACA season is now in full swing with the first criterium of 2011 taking place yesterday in Louisville.


1. Tom Zirbel
2. Jon Tarkington Natural Grocers Cycling Team
3. Jon Toftoy
4. Eddy Gragus Team Helen's, 8th Wonder Cycling
5. Brad Bingham Mod Market


1. Beth Fisk Natural Grocers Cycling Team
2. Flora Duffy
3. Julie Emmerman Primal/Treads Womens Racing
4. Amy Gray-Smith Pro Design p/b Porsche/BikeSource
5. Catherine Johnson Big Ring Cycles

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It got even better today, MC

It got even better today, MC raced the 45 plus race. The guy has no shame. I would respect him more if he actually did some pro/1/2 races. He is a great rider, no two ways about that, and would be very competitive there. Some guys just prefer to win against lower competition. Then again I am sure most of the masters have raced grand tours...............

"Some guys just prefer to

"Some guys just prefer to win against lower competition." You mean the guys who'd win if he'd not race in his age group? It's not that MC has no shame, (well, maybe not) but for crying out loud he's old enough to ride 45+ and he rode off and left the 35+ field by himself... He's not the one who should feel shame.

If Mike wants to race any

If Mike wants to race any cat he is fit to then its fine. Regardless of whats in the tank the amount of time you can train may dictate how good you are. At this time last year Mike was another guy in the group these race. Last weekend he had the darkest tan of the group and given the wind was most likly going to win. If the wind was calm it may have been different.

Get over yourself

He is 45+ he can race any race he wants. You need to grow a pair and quit whimpering. Fact is it is obvious you would not win no matter if he raced or not. You are clearly one who wants to say why someone else is winning and not why you simply do not train enough or are willing to train enough for anyone to notice. Self righteous turdball.

MC aka Superman

Get used to it. Wait until Alexi Grewal starts showing as well and he and MC start having Coors Classic flashbacks. I remember a couple years ago in the Iron Horse crit. MC lapped us inside of 4 laps, caught on and rested a lap or 2, and took off again! Impressive. 35+ or 45+ open means open to anybody. I show up to race against whoever is there that day. If I can bang handlebars with some legitimate legends of the game I go home happy. We have tons of ex pros lurking around as well as a couple world champs in our midst. I love it. It is the consequence of living and racing in the center of the cycling universe.

"It is the consequence of living and racing in the center.."

"It is the consequence of living and racing in the center of the cycling universe."

Correct! It's a blessing and a curse depending on your mindset. Honestly it is because of the MC's of the peloton I rarely do crits but I'm not really complaining, I'm just not that good. I appreciate riders like MC who raise the bar for all of us. Maybe next year I'll get it together again, get coach and a plan and hit the crits again.


Obviously everyone is free

Obviously everyone is free to race whereever they're eligible, but the fun of racing is competing against peers. a bunch of guys of ostensibly similar experience and fitness trying to outsmart eachother, exploit eachothers weaknesses, work as teams. thats why categories exist, to put people into appropriate peer groups to make races competitive and tactical, and interesting, as much as possible.

when we see cat3s managing thier points to avoid upgrading, we call them sandbaggers. similarly, a former pro who can lap the field of a bunch of masters just doesnt seem very sporting to me.

i'm not crying foul or anything, but if it was me i dont think i'd find it very satisfying.