2011 - Louisville Criterium Results and Photos

The ACA season is now in full swing with the first criterium of 2011 taking place yesterday in Louisville.


1. Tom Zirbel
2. Jon Tarkington Natural Grocers Cycling Team
3. Jon Toftoy
4. Eddy Gragus Team Helen's, 8th Wonder Cycling
5. Brad Bingham Mod Market


1. Beth Fisk Natural Grocers Cycling Team
2. Flora Duffy
3. Julie Emmerman Primal/Treads Womens Racing
4. Amy Gray-Smith Pro Design p/b Porsche/BikeSource
5. Catherine Johnson Big Ring Cycles

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I was that sandbagger years ago

YEARS ago I was that sandbagger in the cat 4 field for a season, so much so that I went on to become the USCF only cat 4 national road champion. I'd toy with the packs like a fishermen lets his fish swim around just to tire them out. Not saying it was right (but points wise I had every right) but I would not have called any of those victories unsatisfying.

yeah fair enough. we all

yeah fair enough. we all race for different reasons, and most of them are perfectly valid, and hopefully no one takes it so seriously as to lose sleep over it.

i race for the social element and cuz having progressive goals keeps my diet and fitness on track. obviously results are cool, but theres no shame in taking second to a former pro.

in training i alternate between a mostly 3/4 wednesday night right i can usually ride off the front of and a P12 race i'm lucky to be in the pack for the finish, and i honestly get more satisfaction when i finish on alexi grewel's wheel or whatever than when i solo win with the 3/4s.