2011 Laramie Enduro 111K

*** Results ***

Laramie Enduro 111K
Wyoming’s premier endurance mountain bike race!
2011 Race Date Announced! Saturday, July 30th
The race will be filled by lottery and will be limited to 500 racers.

The 2011 Laramie Enduro Race Date Will Be Saturday, July 30th.
The USFS permit was submitted in late October. To-date we do not have the USFS permit, but they are being a bit more responsive this year. Based on our past permitting, we’re cautiously optimistic that the permit will be granted for 2011.

Registration – Please note the registration process has changed this year… partly to address the problems we encountered last year when an overwhelming number of you were forced to “race to Registration.” Registration will open on April 1st and remain open through April 28th. Everyone who registers will have a chance to race (see details below), so there’s no urgency on your part to be online as soon as Registration opens this year.

Step 1: Go to our Active.com registration link (link to be provided later), sign in, pay a non-refundable $5 application fee, and receive a registration number.
Step 2: You’ll then be giving a link to our registration site to fill out the online form similar to last year.
Step 3: Wait “patiently” to be contacted by us
The link to the registration sites will be placed on the Laramie Enduro Homepage as the links are developed. This information will also be e-mailed to everyone in March as soon as it is available. Neither registration site will be active until 10 AM on Friday April 1st. Registration will close on April 28th; if you’ve completed steps 1 through 3 above, then you will have an equal opportunity to be selected for the race.

The $5 application fee is non-refundable.

The registration process has become more expensive, complicated and has entailed considerably more work over the past few years. While I’m not a huge fan of an application fee, please note that of this small fee:
$1 for every person who registers will be donated to the Colorado High School Cycling League (CHSCL).
$1 will be donated to the local Laramie High School MTB team (7220 Racing) which competes in the CHSCL. A portion will pay for various race registration costs.

The remainder will go for various race-related expenses for this year’s Laramie Enduro.
The first 350 people will be selected completely by a random lottery.
The next 150 people will be selected by the Laramie Enduro non-profit organization’s board and will include previous race volunteers and sponsor-guaranteed riders. All successful applicants will be notified by May 5th, and payment via check or money order will be due/must be received by May 20th. After that date, all unpaid applicants will be dropped from the list and the next rider(s) on the random list will be notified with payment instructions.

If you are selected to race, your registration fee will be $75 for USAC annual members and $80 for racers that need to purchase a one-day USAC license (i.e., non-USAC annual members). Again, there will be no refunds of any of the registration fees in 2011.
We aren’t planning a semi-organized pre-ride this year. If there is a pre-race course inspection, we will notify you in mid to late May. More on this in a later newsletter.

Laramie Enduro