2011 Koppenberg Circuit Race

May 1st

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Koppenberg is a 5.5 mile road race circuit, with 300ft of elevation gain per lap, and includes 2 miles on a packed dirt road. Learn the history of the Colorado Koppenberg Race

Denver: Highway 36 north of Denver, exit at the Superior exit, McCaslin Blvd. Head south on McCaslin and make your first right into the Target/ Costco shopping complex. Boulder: Highway 36 South to Denver, exit at the Superior exit, McCaslin Blvd. Head south on McCaslin and make your first right into the Target/ Costco shopping complex PARKING: Please do not park in front of the large shopping centers (ie Costco or Target), but at the far end of the parking lots near the registration area.

Field sizes are limited to 110 per category. All ACA Rules apply, www.americancycling.org. All riders must have valid ACA license. One day license available race day for $10 at race site. Your ACA Race age is your age on 12/31/11. Helmets must be worn while racing. Yellow line rule in effect. Race held rain or shine. No refunds are offered on this event. All info can be found online at www.boulderracing.com

Video Credit: Excel Sports

Taken 4-27-2011

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watch out for EVERYTHING on the small bridge!

that bridge is a mess and it's getting worse every year. If the nails don't get you, the splinters will, plus there's some epic potholes on both ends.

That spot is top of my list for some seriously nasty ditch surfing action this year in the bigger mens' fields. It's narrow, has an awkward entry line, it's equipment-breakingly rough, and there's a significant chance for someone to get cut off and shoved into the right hand ditch if the field hits it in a big group.

tl;dr: it isn't the Kopp you should worry about, it's the troll bridge on Coalton.

Fair Warning

I just rode the course and have to strongly disagree with the above statement, lest anyone be surprised by it's condition: a 1-2 inch layer of loose sand and gravel just prior to and on top of the bridge. That, combined with big, nervous fields jockeying for position while bending right and bottlenecking onto the bridge is sure to be chaotic.

Hopefully a few days of car and bike traffic might push some of the loose stuff to the side, but I would expect the unexpected there and choose your position accordingly.

Dry out time?

Looks like a little rain/snow, Saturday, (Just in time for Lookout HC ;-)
How long does it take for the clay on the Koppenburg hill to dry out? Hoping to do the race, but have no desire to run up a wet clay/mud hill...

Koppenberg - Course Dry Out

Of course it depends on how much precipitation we get but with the new drainage they have put in it does not take long to dry out. I would say 12 hours.

I think if we get the rain like we have been getting the course will be in great shape for Sunday. Cant wait!

Koppenberg 4/27

Just saw on Boulder Racing's facebook a pic of the hill this am after the rains and they said it was 100% dry. Given the rain yesterday that's a good sign that Saturday will not affect things.

Great Question

Hoping some local can give us some feedback, I so want to do this race, but hate to drive 2 1/2 hours for a muddy road race.