2011 - Haystack Time Trial - Results - Photos

Tom Zirbel (303Photo)

One of the ACA's largest events took place today. The Haystack Time Trail and Team Time Trail once again had large numbers. The weather was a huge change from Thursday morning. Today was sunny and windy.

With the wind coming out of the west the riders had to deal with a nice cross wind on Hwy 36 and then they flew down Nelson road with the wind at their backs. Another cross wind on 75th and finishing up with a head wind on Niwot / Neva Road.

Tom Zirbel also set a new course record and won by almost two minutes.



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ACA Website - DDOS

Distributed denial of service attack? Really? Why would anyone want to DDOS the ACA website? Bad race result? Pissed about the chip timing placement on your bike?

I would say the slowness is more likely to due to database performance.

Chill Pill....

I thought exercise made people happier and nicer than non-exercisers. I guess ya'll need to cut out the `roids (and making your dinky, dinkier) and take a chill pill. A nice Fat Tire Amber Ale will work just fine.

The TT Problem

Normally the whinies could be blaming that "unattached, squirrelly guy" in the pack for their crap results. That's the problem with TTs; there's nobody else to cry and whine about so that being said, along with dire need to cry and whine, we must find something. That something is the slow results which were more than likely a lot faster than their ride times.