2011 FCCF Criterium





This whole FCCF project has

This whole FCCF project has been a disappointment so far. Highway robbery for registration, no cash payouts, not a great deal of community excitement, knowledge, or involvement. Difficult and misleading website, wasteful and aggravating registration fiasco last night. I just hope they can learn from all of the errors made this year and work to improve the event.

FCCF - Big Weekend of Racing

Hum -
Entry Fee - That is an expensive course to put on. Lots of miles and lots of intersections. Isn't part of the course closed to traffic? Still a lot cheaper then the Deer Creek Challenge.

No Cash Payouts? Don't give up your day job! :-) Race Bible lists prize list as paying cash. I never worry about the prizelist, as I race for fun. I usually more worried about course being safe, as I don't want to wreck into a car.

Community Excitement, knowledge or involvement? Not sure what you are complaining about there. Race Bible is pretty nice. http://www.fccyclingfest.com/wp-includes/pdf/Race-Bible.pdf

Registration - sounds like they where late, bad but not the end of the world. More worried that they haven't been able to post TT start times 24 hours in advance.

The promoters have done the Collegiate Nationals the last few years. I think they where promised a larger turnout from the USAC/UCI for being in the "Masters Worlds" qualifier. Problem is not may people even know or care that there is a Masters Worlds RR/TT or that you have to qualify for it.
*Plus now they are double booked with USAC races in Colorado Springs. Ouch...

Pretty unimpressed with this event so far, but I am pre-reg

Considering these guys have put on a major race like Colligate nationals before (twice) I have to say I too am pretty disappointed. Their web site is just horrible and contained contradictory info about the crit schedule. One part had one schedule and another part had a totally different schedule. I even saw a nice, full color, 3 fold flyer about the race at a Boulder County bike shop and it had the wrong schedule. It just makes these guys look like clowns. I emailed 3 of the email addresses listed on the site to get clarification and not a single one of them ever bothered to respond.

Then how about the crit schedule? The 45 plus cat 4 men are racing at night? How does this make sense to anyone? This is probably the least qualified category to race after dark there is. Does it build spectator interest to see pretty low end guys, race around the course slowly?

And last the whole Masters World qualified is a total joke. A complete money grab by the UCI, that the USAC stupidly went along with, and these guys were dumb enough to get on the band wagon. A qualifier for masters worlds? Held on a hilly course in CO? I ride with guys who have raced at masters worlds and they just laughed when this came out.

Agree on the contradictions

I haven't registered yet, and am also seeing contradictions regarding start times for the Sunday road race, and registration locations differ depending on the page one happens to be on. And does anyone know the status of the chip-sealing that started last Thursday? All this stuff has kept me on the fence..

How were the FCCF Races?

Got reports that the Criterium was nice and smooth, but lots of wrecks in the 1-2s? Interesting that it looks like the largest pack was the 35+ 3s.
How was the TT & RR courses?

Any results, articles or pictures?