2011 - Fall Back Cross Race


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Event Description
Join us for the inaugural Fall Back Cross race. It will be held when Daylight Saving Time ends so be sure to set your clock back. Heck, set two clocks back to make sure you'll be on time. Your results from this race will count toward your cyclo-cross ranking which will be used for call ups at this year's Cyclo-cross National Championships in Madison, WI.

Course Description
Course is primarily grass, sand/dirt, with a start and finish on pavement. It is was also designed with input from Katie and Mark Compton. So expect to be challenged!

First race is $35 and additional races are $25. Junior races are $15. Day of registration add $10. USA Cycling annual license, road or mountain, required for all categories except Cat 4 Men and Women. Cat 4 Men and Women can purchase a USA Cycling one-day license. USA Cycling racing licenses, both one-day ($10) and annual ($60) available online at www.usacycling.org/register/2011-3022. On-site registration will open at 7:00 a.m. and will close 20 minutes before each start. No refunds will be given.

Race held rain, shine, snow, or hail. Isn't that what cross is all about?!

I-25 to Rockrimmon exit. Take Rockrimmon west to Delmonico Dr. Right onto USA Cycling Point.



Additional race info

We're having a first time women's category for those that want to try cross without the intimidation of racing against veteran racer.

Also added a kid's Little Belgium race and for the toddlers a Strider Cup! Bring the whole family out for a day of cross fun!

CX Race Flyer

Very intriguing. Do you have a link to a race flyer posted somewhere? Didnt see a date, start times, categories, address (assuming the Springs), etc, etc. So, $45 for those who dont have a USAC license?


Visit the Fall Back Cross

Visit the Fall Back Cross Race webpage (http://www.usacycling.org/events/flyer.php?permit=2011-3022) for more information including a race schedule, hotel information, licensing information, prize list (equal cash prize for men and women) and additional information. More information on the kid’s races here: http://usacycling.org/events/flyer.php?permit=2011-3655.

Fall Back Cross
• Sunday, November 6, 2011 — First race starts at 8 a.m.
• 210 USA Cycling Point, Colorado Springs, Colo. (5943 Delmonico via GPS)
• REGISTER HERE http://www.usacycling.org/myusac/index.php?pagename=registration&eventid...

The ACA/USAC Reciprocity

The ACA/USAC Reciprocity Agreement calls for at least a dialog between the two organizations to avoid overlapping race dates. Why didn't the USAC do this? Or, did you?

You are spending USAC funds on a race when other races must go and find sponsors and this clearly puts these races at a disadvantage.

It appears that now the USAC is starting to fund CO races such as the Aspen Womans race where race officials were paid with a USAC check and now this race. What other races in 2012 will you be helping to fund or organize in Colorado?

As you work in the USAC Events Dept. this appears to be a conflict of interest.

If I am misinformed, I apologize and please correct me.

Updated race info

Updated race info:

On-site registration fee will be $5 instead of $10 and additional races will be $20. Any category open to Cat 4 men or women will be able to race on a one-day which includes masters, juniors, singlespeed, and 1st time womens category.

Kids Little Belgium race and toddlers Strider Cup, bring the whole family!

Event flyer here, http://bit.ly/FallBackCross.

More updates

Bristol brewery is supporting the race and every registered rider 21 years or older will receive a free pint on-site! Hotel rates for $65, without tax, at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites right across the parking lot. Includes hot breakfast! See our website for details.


Let's hold ACA racers hostage over nationals call-ups, and then we'll go ahead and promote an event on a conflicting date with their calendar and make sure everyone knows that it is only one of a couple of events where CO athletes can earn nats call-up points. (under breath) "my plan is so brilliant!"

(wondering out loud to self) "I just don't understand why those ACA folks are so concerned about re-integrating with USAC?"

How bad is it

Can you claim something hostage that you don't value? Some do very much value the points for nationals, heck Colorado took home more medals than any other state last year at CX nationals.

I don't chase points anymore so for me personally this has little concern for me. But what about others that is the big question

Are these the rankings?

No idea how you get points or if this is what they are using for call-ups at Nats...
(But great to see USAC returning some of the license money back into Colorado with the $3K in prizes at the race...)

Men 35-39 - http://www.usacycling.org/rankings/points.php?state=&sex=M&disc=Road%3AC...
Men 40-44 - http://www.usacycling.org/rankings/points.php?state=&sex=M&disc=Road%3AC...
Men 45 - 49 - http://www.usacycling.org/rankings/points.php?state=&sex=M&disc=Road%3AC...
Men 50-54 - http://www.usacycling.org/rankings/points.php?state=&sex=M&disc=Road%3AC...
Men 55-59 - http://www.usacycling.org/rankings/points.php?state=&sex=M&disc=Road%3AC...

Where this sucks

is that there is now a USAC race going up against a non-CCC race on the same weekend. I'm not a promoter but it was my understanding that there was supposed to be some sort of gentleman's agreement not to schedule races that compete with each other. Maybe that's not correct?

The Primal team will already struggle to get attendance at this race because it isn't part of the Colorado Cup. Now those that do race each weekend have a choice, improve their ambiguous ranking by racing in the Springs or possibly harm their ranking by racing in Golden.

There's a real good chance I'm wrong on all counts though.

CO CX Racers don't drive


You can simply look at the attendance numbers for the CX races and see that:
1) A majority of CO CX Racers live in and around Boulder.
2) That same majority will not drive very far out of Boulder county...... for any race.

I doubt the lure of a couple USAC points will change that.

Enough of this Cold War creativity.

Why assume the USAC scheduled their race after the ACA did? Whatever the case is, it's negligent to paint the USAC in such a devious light. As cyclists we should be rejoicing in the fact that there are more opportunities to do what we love.


srsly, since ACA has cross races scheduled darn near every single Sat/Sun from Sep through December, how could USAC possibly schedule a race without conflicting with an ACA race?

Who cares about this, anyway? Folks who may want points toward callups at nationals recognize that points from ONE race won't make any difference, so they won't be persuaded to drive down. Folks who have even the slightest chance of placing well at nationals don't really need points, since they're going to get called up based on last year's results.

NEWSFLASH: if you went to nationals and didn't place top 5 last year, you're not going to place top 5 this year, with or without a callup. Don't sweat the points.

12 people so far

Not sure if it is a bad sign, but only 12 people signed up so far vs. 34 for primalpalooza. Guess people may not want to spend $95 for cat 3 and faster groups if they don't have an USAC license. ($105 on race day!)