2011 - Cross of the North

New cyclocross course coming to the 303 area, Cross of the North! Race Flyer.



CX race with "rearview" mirror view from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

E2 Cross of the North - SM35+ Seat-Cam - Lap 1 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

The race is the product of a new partnership with the Ranch Events Complex, which is run by Larimer County. The Ranch leadership is really psyched about racing and has been really great to work with. We've basically had free reign to build a sweet playground on about 15 acres of undeveloped land north of the Complex. We're hopeful this relationship will lead to more race partnerships with the Ranch in the future

The Course is just off of I-25 in Loveland, and has dedicated event parking (and room for paved warmup). The course has a lot of variety, with a monster run-up, a rollercoaster BMX park section, a a couple of great power climbs, tight corners, and if the weather does what its supposed to, a lot of sticky slop everywhere.

we've got a number of food vendors, the entire park is designated as a beer garden, we've got indoor restrooms and bike showers, no penalty for race day registration (though obviously we'd still love to get as much online reg as possible, just to manage the registration lines).

What we're most excited about is our commitment to financial transparency: check crossofthenorth.com for a spreadsheet on all of our expenses, prizes and revenue stream. We wanted to be clear for everyone to see that we're doing this because we wanna make a great event for the Northern Colorado Scene, not to pocket a big haul. Payouts will be adjusted by registration numbers.

Race Flyer



CotN course grooming

Just got word that the guys are on the course and have plowed a lot of the deep stuff but its still plenty sloppy. ACA Tim was on site yesterday and thought the course was great. Weather Forecast is holding, course work is progressing. Hope to see folks up here tomorrow.


We just wanted racers to know where their race fees were going.

Obviously there are a lot of pro promoters out there who make some or all of our living putting together big events, but we are just a bunch of friends who ride and race and drink beer together and wanted to a) give folks an idea of the expenses in putting on even a low key race like ours, and b) show that theres really nothing in this for any of us other than putting on an awesome event, making our sponsors proud and representing Northern Colorado (we were already on a couple of permits for the year, so it wasnt even strictly part of our ACA obligation).

On a related note, we had a GREAT time and thought the race went really well and the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. A lot of folks called it one of the courses of the year. and the beer garden didnt hurt either.

So to everyone that came up, a sincere thanks, and to those who missed it, we hope to be back nexy year, even bigger and better.

Great Course!

The course was a blast. The deep, greasy mud made for some exciting descents and a grueling mud run for my race. Thanks for putting on a great race and I hope to see it back next year.


Was that Sasquatch running with the bike? No, it was a muddy Boups! You cover some amazing ground while running Bro, just like a Sasquatch! :)


Boups looked like he was joyfully bounding up that slog! I was just happy to be able to get my foot out of the mud to take another step. Between my feet and bike, I think I was hauling 10 lbs of extra mud around. What a blast.

Hope your race broke

Hope your race broke even.
Cross numbers are slipping fast as the season progresses. A number of races with less than 200 racers. Most weekends it seems one race gets 350 to 450, the other gets around 150.

You're comparing a Boulder CX

You're comparing a Boulder CX Series Event to another event. Traditionally the Boulder Series has always been grossly higher later in the season and even more so this season. Hope you broke even as well, less than 200 is a tough place to be in. Going back 3-5 years it seems a race up north, outside of USGP, has never done well.

Numbers for CotN

Our numbers were a little low, but not outside of our range of expectations. (159 total).

we chalk it up to late seasonm and being outside of the bubble, and being a new event.

But... we had overwhelming outstanding feedback


and are hopeful for a better slot next year. We plan to leverage the good reviews and word of mouth to get more folks out.

The Ranch is thrilled to be involved with cycling and their land and resources (parking, vendors, bike wash and showers!) made this a great venue and we built up a sweet course that everyone loved.

So we'll see everybody next year for sure.


from the money guys at E2:

"Working on the COTN payout. Coming out about $900 in the hole but additional cash sponsorship in the works!"

we appreciate your patience while we work out the details.