2011 Deer Trail Road Race

Photo Credit: Stephan Haydel

8th Annual
Deer Trail Road Race
April 23, 2011
Registration will open March 15, 2011

2011 Deer Trail Results


Start in Deer Trail. Multiple out and backs on quite State Hwys and County Roads. Highway 40, I-70 Frontage Road, is flat with a few rolling hills. The out and backs on County Roads are littered with long rolling climbs...

Centerline Rule will be strictly enforced! Stay to the Right OR Stay Home.... If no painted centerline marking exists, riders must keep to the right side of the road at all times. All roads are open to traffic. Obey and respect all police officer, official, and volunteer requests. Cross the centerline and get disqualified!

email: RoadRace@CyclingEvents.com - Always include your fullname & category



Deer Trail Recon

I rode the course last weekend and the quiet county roads are in good shape. All paved, with only a few short bumpy sections. Some seam gaps from the winter, but nothing too bad. 23mm or 25mm tires recommended. Rims - Loose the deep dish rims.

A few updates from last year.
1. Women 4s moved to the afternoon group. New start is 2:35 PM.
2. Entry is up a little bit, to $36.99 (this includes all fees). Insurance is up $.80/rider, Rodeo Grounds Rental went up from $250, to $1 a rider and gas cost are up over last year. As we are 100% supported by entry fees, we had to race entries a bit.

Registration is Open: Online Pre-Registration Only. Don't miss out. The Men 4s, 35+ 4s & 45+ 4s usually fill up a week before the race, so plan ahead. www.CyclingEvents.com

Volunteer Half Day or bring a Volunteer - Race for Free. Volunteer@CyclingEvents.com

More Race Information and Registration at www.CyclingEvents.com - It's all online pre-registration only.

Deer Trail Update

A few updates...
* Registration is going strong. 35+ 4s, 45+ 4s will definitely fill again. All categories are pre-reg only. Reg closes Thursday, 4/21, at Midnight. With the timing chips, we definitely don't want to deal with race day registrants.

* Finish - State Patrol has just asked us to move the finish back to the "original" location. It will be 6 miles after the last turnaround, instead of 4 like the last few years. This will increase the course length from 42 to 44 miles and 58 to 60 miles. Probably add about 4 to 8 minutes to your race time. Flat open finish area.

* More State Patrol - We will now have 4 Troopers. You will probably see more State Patrol then other traffic during your race. Last minute change by them, so entry will not change this year. Our State Patrol bill just went up from $1600 to $2500 for this year, so next year might see an increase in entry to cover it.

* If you move your timing chip for the Haystack TT, remember to move it back to your road bike. Per ACA rules, $10 Rental if you forget yours.

* Full Info at www.CyclingEvents.com

Question - I'll be "racing" at the Haystack TT/TTT Saturday,
Stephen Haydel
Swift Cycling - Race Director

Deer Trail - Reg filling up for Masters ...

Deer Trail - Registration is filling up for Masters 35+ 4s, 45+ 4s and 55+. I expect these fields to fill-up by Tuesday night.
Remind your teammates that all registration closes Thursday at Midnight. No race day reg.

I'm going out there tonight to drive the course with State Patrol. I will post any updates about road conditions tomorrow.

Happy Trails,

Deer Trail - Last Day to Reg

Thursday is the last day to register. No Race Day Registration.
Friday morning I print out the final start sheets. Friday night I'm out East without internet access, so no more additions...

Interesting in the break out of riders nowadays.
For the Men, So far we have close to
Beginner - Men 4s, 35+ 4s & 45+ 4s = 240
Sport - 3s & 35+ 3s = 66
Elite - 1-2s, 35+ & 45+ = 72
Grand Masters - 55+, 65+ = 71
I suspect more 3s and 1-2s will register today, but still will be way smaller then the 4s numbers...

Pretty good crash in SM4

I know, "surprise" right. Anyone know what happened? Was it just people not paying attention or ? Hope everyone is alright.

Can't wait for people to blame the promoter for the road being too straight or not stopping the wind.

That is terrible to hear

The worst crash I was ever in was at Deer Trail years ago. Tail wind was blowing up our backsides so we were moving at a good clip when two guys locked bars next to me and they fell into me. I remember hitting the deck and then seeing the pack fall on top of me. The worst of it was something landing on my calf which still isn't right today. The helmet without a doubt saved my life.

I hope everyone is OK or will at least mend well in time.

Pot Stirring with idiotic logic

Had to make a ridiculous comparison didn't you, wind to the downhill section at Mead, Please!!! I think everyone who races Deer Trail expects wind and tight group riding, pretty normal stuff for a road race don't you think???. I also noticed great volunteers at ALL the critical turns. I don't know the guy who got hurt so bad at Mead, but his team mates were in my group, hospital for 5 days, 5 broken ribs, and a trashed bike was what I heard, bad comparison dude, that little downhill just needed a warning, that was all.


Agree... great support each time I've done this race it has been well run. Like the flatter finish.

Good? More like unnecessary and nasty!

Crash started next to me. For those unaware, the crash happened on the north bound leg on a downhill when there was a strong tail wind. So, speed of the pack was over 30, probably 35 or so. Looked like that little Lucky Pie rider who had been sitting in toward the front for most of the race did not keep his line (how often do we hear that?) and got all squirrely for whatever reason. I was watching the wheel in front of me and I did not have the vantage point of someone from behind to see the exact cause, but the result was a nasty pileup! I know a couple of the guys that went down hard. Hopefully they will be OK. One dude's fork and frame broke in half! That really sucks when it is not your own fault.

I'm not sure you can

I'm not sure you can attribute it to a single rider. The pace was relatively slow, there was a strong tailwind, large field, people were trying to move up and/or maintain their position. That all contributed. Crashes happen, that's just road racing. I'll go ahead and stand up for the cat 4 and say most are pretty damn good bike handlers and the guys that aren't get pushed to the back--just my opinion. I feel pretty comfortable riding in Cat 4. I was a couple of riders behind the crash and one row to the left. I saw a dude bobble and fall off into the guy to his left and that guy went down. Everyone else hit those two guys as they slid across the road. Somehow I managed to make it through while the guys on either side of me went down (there may have been a minor yellow line violation). There was a Primal guy just in front of me who also managed to keep it upright despite whipsawing all over the road, I couldn't believe he kept it up. I looked back once I was through and just saw bikes flying through the air.

I agree and apologize

for poor word choice as American English is not my primary language.

Thankfully the police/officials were on scene shortly afterwards and upon the return, there was at least one ambulance.

Necessary Crash?

Seeing as you are picking on the guy's use of the word Good, even though you knew what he was saying, I got to ask you about calling a crash "unnecessary". Are any crashes "necessary"? Sure I have seen some guys get what they deserved for bad riding, but it was not necessary.

unnecessary is right!

What exactly were the riders who got tangled up expecting to accomplish with their fight for position? This crash happened not even half way through a 44-mile race on a completely inconsequential part of the course. The big sorting out had already taken place (at the first turn around) and the field was about half of what it was when it had started. There is absolutely no point in fighting for a spot directly in the middle of the pack at that point. If you're a strong enough rider in the first place, you'll be able to hang on during the next turn around, especially with half the field gone.
Somebody's bike got messed up big time and a few people got hurt; some worse than others. That sucks a lot, but I'm not going to feel sorry for people who took a stupid risk for essentially nothing, putting the well-being of everyone around and behind them at risk. There's an inherent danger in bike racing, but there's no need to make it more dangerous than it already is by doing something dumb. I know I didn't like being separated from the front because of it!
Some people like to give 4s crap for this kind of thing, but it applies to all cats. If there's no room, there's no room. Don't try to make spot where there isn't one. It's not complicated. Especially in this particular instance with well over an hour of racing left, there was absolutely nothing to be gained by being in that row or the one behind. The last few laps of a crit are one thing, but half way through a road race is something else. Position is important, but so is patience in a large race with a yellow line rule.

Credibility fail

You place blame for the crash on a specific rider from a specific team and then immediately follow that up with "I did not have the vantage point of someone from behind to see the exact cause".

Cat fight

Hey guys, crashes happen in all categories. Did you watch the Tour last year? For that matter, ever watch ANY professional racing? If you race bikes you will crash at some point no matter how careful you are (even in individual time trials, guys go down) and the frequency of this is largely random.

Please, take this into consideration before starting a "whose field is the most dangerous/boneheaded" contest. Every good racer knows that sometimes you have to take risks to win, and every seasoned racer also knows of about a million "close calls" that didn't result in wrecks. What this means is that we're risky but by and large extremely safe riders considering.

Let's just be thankful for the support we get to even have these races - if that ever goes away and someone crashes and needs help, we'll be in a much much worse situation.

Thanks again to all of the volunteers and support staff; it was cold out there!