2011 Dead Dog Classic



It lives again!

This is what I just posted over on the ACA forum:

Thanks to some hard work by Mike Harokopis, a couple of new volunteers in Laramie and the flexibility of the ACA staff, the Dead Dog has been resurrected. They are submitting paperwork as I type this. Same format as before. As soon as Mike gives me an official point of contact for racer questions, I will post it here.

Kim Viner

Thank you!!!

I don't normally post, but I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up to keep this race going.

Dead Dog Stage Race only 2 hour drive north of Denver!!

Road Racers, With the current high gas prices we want to remind racers that the Dead Dog Stage Race in Laramie, WY is only a 2 hour drive north of Denver!! Don't pass up this great racing experience because of concerns about travel expense! Carpool, come up to our race and fill up your car with some of the cheapest prices on gas in the Country. This year's theme for the 23rd Dead Dog is Viva Loca! Don't miss it.

Dead Dog a GREAT RACE!

For those of you who have never done it, the Dead Dog stage race is a Great Race! It is 3 great races in 2 days, super well organized, spectacular road race scenery (think the Gavia of 2010 Giro), and a great town to host. There are so few real stage races in Colorado (omniums are not stage races if you can choose which stages you are going to ride).
Come out and support a great race!

I really appreciate how Mark

I really appreciate how Mark took the time to walk around the parking lot handing out business cards for his photography business, but then couldn't take the time to take a single picture of the P/1/2 field...from any of the stages.

Oh wait, I found one picture from the RR. Thank god for that.

Seems to me that if you are going to hand out business cards and advertise as being the race photographer, you should make sure you cover all the stages of all the categories...just saying.

Mark is one of the best out

Mark is one of the best out there and if you think he or any other photographers make enough to cover gas money to drive to WY to take photos of bike races, you would be surprised. He is not under contract to take any pictures so why don't you worry more about why you got your ass kicked and less about seeing photos of yourself getting your ass kicked. Just saying. And no, this is not Mark.