2011 - Cyclo X Refrigerated


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Course Description: New Venue & Course. If you like Interlocken you're going to love Sienna Lake. Its got dirt, grass, barriers, hills, fast sections, run-ups, all in a spectacular spectator friendly all weather course!

Location: Sienna Lake, Broomfield, CO

From Denver: Hwy 36 west to Sheridan Pkwy. Right off ramp. Follow Sheridan North approx 9.5 miles. Park is on your left just after you pass Lowell Blvd.

From Boulder: Take 36 toward Denver, Exit Sheridan Pkwy. Follow Sheridan North approx 9.5 miles. Park is on your left just after you pass Lowell Blvd.

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Great Course

Great course at a great new venue. Great mix of grass, gravel, bumps, twists & turns. Lots of flow. Thanks to Lance & Tony for finding this, and to Pete Webber for laying out a fun course. was even a kick in the silly wind! Hope this one stays on the schedule!

best new course

Agreed and kudos to Without Limits and the ACA for braving some of the worst wind days in recent memory. That venue and course jumped into my top 3 favorites with Valmont, Interlocken, and Flatirons.

DNF's-Great Question

Great question, i was wondering the same b/c the course was not really that tough on bikes. I raced today and there were a number of guys who were a DNF. I know of a snapped chain in my Cat but zero goathead issues which was really nice given the potential.

Great course, sans all the wind, and would be awesome fun if wet/muddy!

Boups was running after the first 1/2mile on the first lap. What happened Boups? Nice comeback btw.

Keller? Ariel? Others?

How about a list from the DNF folks as to why....

I blame the first sidewalk

I blame the first sidewalk crossing after we hit the grass. There was a very sharp edge to the sidewalk, partially obscured by the grass. I pinch-flatted on the first lap, got it fixed and then flatted again at the same spot a lap later. I watched the start of the 4s, and at least 3 guys flatted at the same place on the first lap.

Other than that, a great course, but they need to do something about that sidewalk.


Boups broke his chain early in the 1st lap. Keller was sore from a bike wreck earlier in the week, Ariel shredded a tubie 1 lap in. I know of numerous rolled tubulars, maybe a combo of low pressure and hard cornering, plus a couple of marginal or old glue jobs. So that's at least some of them!
Agreed on the course, it was a lot of fun, even with the wind.

pinch flat

Yup, pinch flatted on the first transition from grass across one of the concrete paths at the start of lap #2. I pre-rode 5 laps, and saw the potential for this at several other transitions, but never had an issue on that particular one. Must have hit it in a slightly different spot and at higher speed and stupidly didn't "lighten up" for it. Even my sturdy TUFO couldn't take it, nearly a 1/2" hole in the center of the tread. Loved the course, was feelin' good, and liking my chances, but just rode like a "sack of anvils!"


Looks like from the picture above that rider is going down. Really liked the ditches on the course yesterday. Nice job Pete Webber on the design.

The park was so new (2010

The park was so new (2010 completion) that certain areas were off limits that would have allowed for a double sided pit, one that hit the course at roughly the half way point. We pushed the envelope course wise and the new native grass wasn't affected at all. For 2012 the park has given us full access, they just wanted another season to allow certain areas of the nice turf and native grass to take hold.

Would love to see STATES at

Would love to see STATES at Sienna Lake. Let's keep that ditch rough for the cat 3's, almost too easy in the afternoon. Thanks Lance and Tony for running a first class ship and thank you to Art for the gift cert.

next year

great to hear there are plans to have this course back next year! Easily in the top 2 of the favorite courses for me this year, with the other being Valmont.

Hope that word gets out about the quality of the course and we'll see even more riders next year and maybe just a bit less wind!


Hey thanks everyone for your comments about the course. It really makes the hard work of prepping a good course worthwhile when it people enjoy it.

Concerning the single-sided pit... it takes a very large amount of space to make a good double-sided pit when the direction of the course flow is contrary to the area available for a pit, like at Sienna. To be double-sided, you actually need 4 lanes of course, plus 2 pit lanes, plus the middle space neccasary for all the bikes and wheels, all roughly parallel to each other. With the conditions being so dry, no goatheads, no rocks, and a tight space, we didn't think a double pit was imperitive. However, we didn't predict the problem with the sidewalk-caused flat tires either! That sidewalk wasn't a problem at all in our test riding.

Next year we'll remember those issues and see if there are some solutions.

Thanks for your comments, Pete

Loved the Course but Not Enough Parking

I loved the course as well, but even with the reduced field size parking was tight. Don't think you could have States there unless something could be done with the parking situation. Why do the two best courses (the other being Valmont) have the worst parking situations????