2011 Cyclo-X Race Report

The last race of the Colorado cyclocross season was yesterday at the Boulder reservoir. It was also the last race of the new ACA Colorado Cross Cup. I went out to the race to spectate. The first thing I noticed was the small number of people there racing / spectating. It was by far the smallest turnout I have seen this year with only 129 total racers.

I will have to say it looked like a great course. Probably the most sand I have seen used at a Boulder Reservoir course.

Was the choice to have Colorado cyclocross racing in January a great idea. What do you think?


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Cyclo-X - SM35+ Cat 4 - Lap 2 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

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Great course!

Really good course -used a few elements from previous races and added lots of interest over on the east side. Plenty of sand to make it fun and incredibly draining, especially for those of us who haven't trained much in the last month. Sorry to see so many people didn't make it out - it was worth the money and time. Everybody who was amped for January racing back in the fall really needs to turn out and support the promoters who make the races happen for us.

Not suprised on low numbers...

The reality is that the season is over for most racers after State Champs in early December. A few do Nationals in mid-December. Then after that it is lights out.

It will be interesting to see how much moving Nationals to the beginning of January, right after Holiday vacations, will hurt numbers. Plus that fact this it is frigid in Madison in January. Really bad move by USAC...


I Echo the same thoughts about poor choice of location if USAC plans to move it into January. It's gotta at least have the chance to be something other than frigid and ice. I was in WI 2 years ago at Christmas and there was 3'+ of snow on the ground. Talk about limited passing ability even if you were able to mash down a track. Would think CA, OR, SW or SE USA would be a reasonable location if they are dead set on January for Natz.

Peace Out

Believe it or not, but there

Believe it or not, but there are actually quite a few that are targeting worlds and being able to actually race and compete before worlds without having to "go over the pond" makes a huge difference. CX isn't just a backyard sport, it is actually an international sport that has a schedule not dictated by the US. By moving nationals to Jan, it makes much more sense from a schedule standpoint. I somewhat agree on the questioning of having it in Madison; however CX isn't a fair weather rider's sport either. Seeing the past several years worth of world cup CX races, I really doubt that Madison will be a standout weather wise.
I personally hope that State champs are moved at least to mid Dec as well.

Awesome Course!

Way to go Without Limits for keeping the season alive and coming up with one of the best Rez courses in years! They probably took a loss with the low numbers, but true to form they had some kick ass award swag and delivered a great low key event. When everyones scrapping for September dates in 2011 let's remember the guys who didn't cancel and came through in the January winds.

Nice race! My first thoughts

Nice race! My first thoughts were screw this 1/3 of the course was in the sand. I thought it was a runners course. BUT, most of it was next to shore or in areas that were not too deep. It was all ridable. Ended up being not so much running or sand riding skills but a power course. Good job guys. Only issue I had, "listen up promoters", starts with gravel are bad ideas.

Cyclo X Refrigerated

I thought the course was great. Great mix of sand and fast, twisty, singletrack. Good amount of run-ups and dismounts too. Probably my favorite at the Rez so far. I enjoyed doing one last cross race in Jan. took a break after states and was refreshed to race again. Was suprised such low numbers for a cross cup race?

Numbers and the course

First, I'd like to compliment the organizers on a great race. Well designed to be a little punishing but with a couple sections of flow.

I am not "good" at cross. I am not even "okay" at cross. So, I guess even in top physical form the courses beat the crap out of me. After the race on Saturday two friends talked about how this was a hard course and they couldn't dial it in.

I felt just the opposite. The time off between the last race in Lyons and this one was a great time to step away. Maybe the riders weren't as fast and the technique not as polished, but it looks like everyone had a good time.