2011 Cyclo-X Race Report

The last race of the Colorado cyclocross season was yesterday at the Boulder reservoir. It was also the last race of the new ACA Colorado Cross Cup. I went out to the race to spectate. The first thing I noticed was the small number of people there racing / spectating. It was by far the smallest turnout I have seen this year with only 129 total racers.

I will have to say it looked like a great course. Probably the most sand I have seen used at a Boulder Reservoir course.

Was the choice to have Colorado cyclocross racing in January a great idea. What do you think?


Photos / Videos

Cyclo-X - SM35+ Cat 4 - Lap 2 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

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A Couple of Points

1. Great course on Saturday. Most technical racing at the Rez this year which is exactly what we need more of. I well on dry, grassy courses like State, but the videos of the European races make me want mud, snow, and sand.

2. What better things are people doing than racing in January? Basically the other options were going for a road ride in the wind, muddy mtn bike riding, riding inside on the trainer, sitting on your butt all day, or racing the Gov Cup at Devil's Thumb. Besides the ski race, there will be plenty of oppurtunities to do the other things until April (especially riding in the wind).

3. Someone on this thread or the race thread complained about racing in Wisconsin in January. Really cold racing is better/safer than racing in freezing rain.

4. I'm just sad that there isn't anymore cross races until Septmeber.