2011 - Cross Call-ups Provide by Crossresults

From the ACA:

Cross Call-ups Provide by Crossresults.com for all non-Cross Cup Races
Wed, 2011-09-07

Following suggestions made at the Cross Promoters Meeting in February, the ACA has engaged the services of Crossresults.com to create call-up lists for all non-Cross Cup cross events this season.

Please know:
Call-up lists are generated once per weekend, so a Saturday and Sunday will use the same call-ups.

Call-up lists are updated following a weekend, given to the ACA by Wednesday, and reviewed by our Chief Referees before the next weekend.

Call-ups for the first race weekend have been created based upon results from the 2010 season.

Call-ups for all subsequent race weekends will be based only on 2011 results.

Cross Cup events will use Cross Cup results as call-ups.

The first Cross Cup event (Frisco on October 1) will use overall results from the 2010 Cross Cup events.

We had one of our readers send us a long comment about how call-ups were handled at the Valmont Bike Park race last Saturday.

Valmont was a well run race and a great day but the call ups weren't what I was expecting from the ACA's new Crossresults.com system.

To begin, Crossresults.com is website that ranks cross racers based on their race finishes. It assigns points in a calculated fashion, not simply 25 for a win and on down to one. It then averages your points for a final score. I believe it has some significant advantages over traditional systems that add points from each finish rewarding race frequency over quality of result. But it goes beyond that, the scores are consistent from one class to another so you can compare your score to anyone in any class.

Here's where to enter your name to find your own score: http://www.crossresults.com/?n=racers&sn=find

Unfortunately the ACA isn't using this score for it's non-Cross Cup races. It's using a score based only on your 2011 results. The ACA plans to post their own list of those.

Now that you see your points you'll probably want to see a list that shows how many your friends and competitors have. Go here: http://www.crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=pts

Use the qualifiers at the top of the page to narrow the list unless you are regularly racing against Sven Nys. Our region is Mountain West, enter your gender, age and category you race in. (For some reason not everyone is on this list but that won't prevent you from getting a call up in your second non-Cross Cup race.)

If you are extra curious and want to see how the points are calculated go to your results page. Then click on a race that you competed in. Next find your category and click on 'show points'.

More about this subject in the next few days.

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eventually it should work out

With a n = 2, 1 or 0 for people for the first weekend using the 2011 results, it was bound to not be all that useful. Should help the later races once the population sizes are better.

It did benefit those who supported the earliest (i.e. least money making) races, but didn't over-rewarded by giving a bunch of points like the old ways would have.

PS - did Buena Vista actually happen or are the results really taking this long?