Community Cycles - Kid’s Holiday Bike Give-Away

Nothing is better than seeing a kid get her first bike

You can help make that happen for needy families in Boulder this Christmas.

Every year in December, Community Cycles hosts a Kid’s Holiday Bike Give-away. This year is our 6th year, making it Community Cycles’ oldest on-going event. It will be December 18th at Boulder Indoor Cycling (3550 Frontier Avenue, Boulder) from 9 am – 1 pm.

The Kids’ Holiday Bike Giveaway is simple- all year Community Cycles takes in donated kids’ bikes and puts them in a storage space. Starting in early December, we host “work nights” at our Wilderness Place and/or Lee Hill shops and volunteer mechanics work to get the kids’ bikes ride ready. When the day comes, we move the bikes over to Indoor Cycling. Meanwhile, we have been reaching out to the community in December to let needy families know that they can come get a free bike for their kids for the holidays.

Once the big day comes and the bikes are all ready to go, families line up at the door and get a number. There is a waiting area where refreshments are provided, and when their number is called, families come and select their bike(s). Kids do a test ride and get a final safety check on the bike and are ready to go!

How can you help?:
Sponsor a child for as little as $25:
As a sponsor of a child’s bike you are contributing towards the fees necessary to clean up a bike, install new parts, and make a bike safe for a child to begin riding right away. Your contributions, sent directly to Community Cycles are 100% tax deductible.

Happy Holidays for a Family:
Sponsor a family to help with new bikes for every kid in a family. Most families who attend the event have 3-5 children (or more!). Help contribute to happy smiles all round. Your contributions, sent directly to Community Cycles are 100% tax deductible. Suggested Minimum Donation $100 (of course you can always give more!)

Your Company or Organization can sponsor helmets for kids:
We need to give away 250 helmets to keep all the kids safe (some have a helmet already, most do not). Each helmet costs us $8. Companies can sponsor from 40 – 250 helmets and get an event sponsorship.

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