2011 - Circle the Summit - 4th Annual Bob Guthrie Memorial Ride

Circle the Summit / 4th Annual Bob Guthrie Memorial Ride

August 20, 2011
Summit County, Colorado
General Information About the Ride

Whether you’re on the bike tour “circuit,” or you’re only planning on one organized ride this summer, do yourself a favor and check out Circle the Summit! This ride will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the Colorado Rockies. Can you imagine purposely braking on a downhill because the open vistas of the Gore Range are so beautiful that you want to make the moment last? Yes...it’s that amazing! And the best part? You won’t be battling for your share of the pavement with 2,500 other riders. To top it off, this is a loop ride, so you won’t need to worry about shuttling vehicles back and forth from the starting point.

This is the fourth year of our ride and we’re truly proud of what we have to offer! Circle the Summit will involve a day on nice paved shoulders and the use of our flagship bike path system, arguably one of the most extensive and beautiful bike paths in the country. And your participation helps! Proceeds from this ride are used to improve and maintain this incredible bike/recpath network.