2011 - CYCLO X Refrigerated 2



So much fun

That was the most fun I've had on two wheels, and for long periods of time on two feet, in a long time. Some say CYCLO X is cursed by monster snow, but I'd say they're blessed. Hoping for more of the same this Sunday in Lyons.

Please, no more snow this week!

Saturday was an epic, memorable experience, but one I'm content to have only once a year.

Does that make me a wimp? I don't know. Maybe I'll feel differently once the bruises have faded.

In the meantime, many thanks to the volunteers who stuck with it through a cold and snowy day, so the rest of us could "play."


We just wanted to say thank you to all the volunteers, staff, vendors, sponsors, and racers for coming out to the Snow Bowl on Saturday. It was a great day of true grit cross with the snow and mud. We've finally warmed up and will be getting ready for Lyons this Sunday to finish off the Boulder Racing CX Series in style. Unfortunately the weather isn't calling for snow right now, but we'll keep an eye out!

Stay warm, keep the rubber side down and we're lovin all the videos and pics, their awesome!

Without Limits-


Ditto on all the volunteers and promoter for still putting on a great race (super fun snow course!) despite the challenging conditions. I know what it's like to get up before dawn when it's that cold to go promote a race.

Any beta, or pics, on how deep the snow is on the Lyons course, if it will be down to bare ground by then, or what to anticipate? Seriously, would love a repeat of last Saturday!


Yes, seriously. Not putting

Yes, seriously. Not putting in escalators or taking out the climbs or even taking out all the snow. Expecting the early categories to break trail through almost a foot of snow, essentially grooming the course for the later races is what I'm referring to.

You wouldn't think it would be okay to have the earlier racers blaze trail through 2-3 ft high prairie grass, beating it down so the later racers didn't have to, why is blazing trail through deep snow any different? Did it somehow diminish the experience when they groomed the course for the recent race at the Rez? All they did was improve the experience for everyone and at the time folks thought it was a good thing.

That's what I'm referring to.

It's cyclocross and given

It's cyclocross and given that it snowed heavily from midnight until the 35+4's went off any grooming would have been impossible. This was an awesome race all around and one we'll be talking about over beers for seasons to come.

They did groom

Actually, two dedicated souls did "groom" most of the 60% course used by the juniors. They ran a line with snow shovels to make it rideable. I think that was wonderful for the young 'uns, given that they had to be out there first - it would have been completely unrideable on those little bikes.

As much as I flailed on the other 40% of the course (in the trail-braking 35+4s), I would never expect those guys to work even harder than they did, for our benefit. It make a difference, us not being 10.


Instead of complaining, why don't you be gratefull and thank the organizer and volunteers for being out there and putting on a race in the frigid cold and snow!

Well put

These guys have given us 6 of the best races this season, including Louisville. I'm looking forward to Lyons and hopefully some more mud and snow.

Nobody said anything remotely

Nobody said anything remotely close to being ungrateful.

When did everyone get so sensitive that someone can't make even one comment that is less than 'OMG, you're wonderful' ? Geez!

FTR, I thank as many folks involved with the races as I can identify at every race I do. Don't be so quick to assume that just because I had a suggestion that I didn't thank those who put the race on.

It's nice to finally see the

It's nice to finally see the 303 forum community have a positive and supportive tone. Louisville cross was a kick ass time in every regard, and yes I blazed some trail with the 35+4's. You can't compare the snow of the rez and the snow bowl. Heck, my pit bike had a fresh inch just during the 1.5hrs it sat outside. If it helps there's a rumor BR is getting an ATV for the 2012 cross season. If you've gotten to know the Panigutti's even remotely you can be assured they'll have a plow attached.

shoveling too

Yes, they've been out with shovels, bikes and snowshoes to get the course ready for Saturday. It should be a great race - don't miss it! Loveland is a short drive from the Denver metroplex.


I'm Quite sure Tony & Lance would have been HAPPY to have given you a shovel at 5:30 AM.

No Shoveling!

Have to say, I am really glad they didnt shovel on Saturday. Maybe Sunday wasnt rideable w/o and they have to but otherwise I would say it was mistake.

35+ 4's Race

Thanks a ton for getting this video up and running. I have been trying to tell people how the race was and they just dont seem to quite get it. First tracks are awesome when skiing but on a cross bike.. well.. you know. Good times for sure.

Another Lost Item(s)

Just curious if anyone happened to pick up my jacket and/or warmup pants near the RedBull arch on Saturday? I dropped them just before the SM Open race, and didn't remember that they were there until about midnight on Saturday evening. Jacket was a Black/Grey Northface, and I believe that the warmup pants were Navy Blue with a small zipper on the leg. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please e-mail: doug@apikol.com