2011 - Buffs and Barriers

The classic Research Park CX race is back! A technical course including road, dirt two-track, quick ups and downs with plenty of passing

Registration opens at 8am. Racers must sign a standard USAC release. Registration closes 20 min before selected category start time. Race day registration only. All USAC rules and surcharges apply. MTB’s allowed, no bar-ends. No refunds. Races will run snow, rain, or shine.

Note: Ranking points for your USAC 'cross Ranking to be used at CX Nats in Wisconsin, one of the few in Colorado.

Race Flyer



I doubt it will affect the

I doubt it will affect the turnout in C Springs. First, you'll need a USAC license. Second, among those who've raced 'cross in CO for a few years, the race in the Springs is generally well liked. The course is fun/challenging (especially if it's muddy) and the folks run things well. My experience w/ collegiate-run races is that non-collegiate categories are added as an after-thought and the races typically aren't run well.

I would think a bigger issue affecting turnout for the Springs race is that it's not a Cross Cup race, but the race the next day is. For folks not wanting to race two days in a row, most would likely prefer the Cup race, I'd think, especially given that it's easier to drive from Denver/Boulder to Castle Rock than to C Springs.

USAC CSprings

Anyone who went down to CSprings yesterday, can you give a race/course report?

Also, where do we find results?


USAC CSprings Results - Fall Back CX

You guys missed out yesterday, not just on a great course but some valuable ranking points (for masters looking to go to Nationals). Results are here - http://www.usacycling.org/results/?permit=2011-3022

I believe Katie Compton and Mark set the course and with those two behind design, it had its fair share of technical, but totally fun and hard. What the fields lacked in numbers, they made up for in depth. Summerhill and Krughoff continued the Saturday battle again with Summerhill coming out on top. USAC really stepped up and had beer on tap in their HQ building.

In regards to the race date conflict, it sounds like ACA dropped the ball big time. Per the reciprocity agreement with USAC, there shouldn't have been an ACA race on that day since USAC had the race on the calendar first, but somehow Primalpolloza took that date as well. Rumor has it next year there will not be any reciprocity agreement meaning ACA upgrades will not be valid at USAC. It would be nice to get the full story from the ACA, but if it was b/c of the ACA's mismanagement, you screwed us. I'm sure it was not the sole reason for no agreement next year, but you gave USAC ammo to cancel it.

Most don't care about rankings...

By the looks of the low turnout, most don't seem to care about Rankings Points for Nationals. Moving Cross Nats to the week after Christmas/New Years was a really bad move by USAC. Killing Cross Nats like they killed MTBing Nats. Bummer...

Can't wait for ACA to team up

Can't wait for ACA to team up with USA cycling. They do a great job on results. Who cares what the winning times in the masters races were. We all race cross just to participate and feel good about ourselves. USA Cycling same you know what different day.

how again is this ACA's fault?

how is it ACA's fault that the race could have costed people $100 bucks if they didn't already have a usac lic? Since this race had a few more total racers than the 35_4's race at Primalpalozaa, I would say that USAC dropped the ball.

ACA CX Schedule

the ACA CX Schedule, complete with Primalpalooza,came out in April. The USAC race appeared on the same date in late Sept. If anyone needed to examine the reciprocity agreement in there in it's USAC.

fact check

You couldn't have your facts any more wrong on who screwed who. ACA had their event scheduled first while the USAC put on their own race, using their staff, and their USAC funds for the prize purse. Imagine the uproar if the ACA used your member dues to fund a prize purse for their own event?

Dialed, student-run event

Unlike some other collegiate events, CU Cycling puts on a dialed race at research park. They have put on over 80 races at this venue, so you can expect a well put on race where the non-collegiate categories are much more than an afterthought. All summer long, they run a STXC series here that is non-collgiate categories.

Long story short: rad course, student-run and benefiting a collegiate club. worth the trip.

Geez, complaining about slow

Geez, complaining about slow online posting of collegiate race results... you weren't really expecting better, were you? You're lucky they at least posted the flyer before the race.

No matter how hard you try, you can't turn this into a USAC vs ACA issue.

I am expecting better. The

I am expecting better. The race flyer says results will be used for USAC 'cross Ranking for Nats call ups. This was a big selling point for this race, so results should be timely.

They get paid to post results quick right?

It pisses me off that they are making so much money putting on the race and I can't get results emailed to me(sarcasm). You would think in the highly profitable and competitive world of bike race promotion they would be out of business. Cause everyone either has on knows how to put on a bike race.... Maybe in a few more years these scofflaw race promoters will be out of jobs.

The topic of race

The topic of race profitability is completely unrelated to the competancy of putting on a bike race and providing what is advertised. Your comment avoids the topic completely.

they advertised that they'd

they advertised that they'd post race results online at all, much less timely?

What is the deal with folks these days thinking that seeing their race results online is important? Really, who cares? Did you stick around after the race to see where you finished? No??? Must not have been all that important, eh?

Of all the things a race promoter does, posting results online is the absolute least important thing, IMO.

Have we all just lost sight of the fact that the most important thing is the satisfaction you feel right after the race, right there in the moment, having given your best effort, is what matters?

You are avoiding the subject

You are avoiding the subject matter again. The promoter needs to provide results to USAC for the use of Nationals. USAC posts results online once they have received them. If the USAC website does not indicate results for this event, then the advertisement of racing this non-ACA event to get call-up points at Nationals is false and misleading.

I'm sorry you have these other problems with racers and race promoters as you have stated, but your comments serve no purpose other than your own. Completely unrelated to the original post.

beauty of sport

you two argue all you want, your reality comment is just plain mean spirited, one beauty of sport is the is the will to compete, and once in awhile the underdog achieving that miraculous victory. I hope he continues his journey, regardless whether you think he has a chance.

I'm quite happy, actually,

I'm quite happy, actually, and I didn't change the topic. What I did was try to point out that having online results posted over a month before Natz is not important, as long as they have the call up points correct on race day, and point out that the points from one single race won't matter. If the ONLY way the prev. poster has a chance at Natz is with the points from the CU race, they don't really have a chance. Points from ONE race can't make that much difference.


Just wish you would quit using(sarcasm) after you use it, I believe most readers are capable of figuring it out.

Without touching on the USAC

Without touching on the USAC vs. ACA issue, it's a fact that collegiate races and their promoters are slow and somewhat careless when it comes to posting results, etc.

CU almost always puts on a great race. Although, I'm starting to get annoyed with how disorganized it is almost every time. I appreciate collegiate racing, but I'm starting to get fed up with the disorganization. I've organized a race and I know that it isn't easy, especially as a student, but that doesn't mean it needs to be a shit show.

Anyway...no need to rant.

Were there any photographers at the race? It may have not been the best race in terms of organization and promotion, but the course was really fun and challenging. Would love to see some photos....and results....