Boulder Valley Velodrome Open House

Boulder Valley Velodrome Open House – September 29th

The Boulder Valley Velodrome is conducting an Open House on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at the Erie Community Center from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The public is encouraged to attend.

The Town of Erie Parks & Recreation Department is partnering with the Boulder Valley Velodrome to bring unique cycling training opportunities to Erie. As such, the Town wants to inform the public that Boulder Valley Velodrome is continuing its membership drive and has a limited number of Founding Memberships available. Erie residents are among the first to have the opportunity to join at this level. The 250 Founding Members will have enhanced access to the track and facilities as well as programs and events.

The Boulder Valley Velodrome site is located south of the Erie Community Center on the west side of County Line Road at Bonnell Avenue. Site grading for the velodrome is now underway. Construction is scheduled to begin later this year. The Velodrome is anticipated to be operational by spring of 2012.


  • Email or call Frank at 303-818-5817 for more information.
  • Website
  • The Erie Community Center is located at 450 Powers Street: 303-926-2550

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please don't build

i am a cyclist who races competitively much like the rest of you that frequent this site. please don't build this facility. it will be a novelty for a few years, then will sit dormant. the weather here is too nice and the cyclists are too cheap. there is a reason the funding is lagging. people like the idea of a velodrome, but very few are going to commit to a bike and the cost to use the facility. and if you do build it, at least make sure you get a liquor license so you can serve beer to spectators.

Make it Indoor

I think you are going to struggle to find racers committing to a normal track season during the summer, so make this an indoor velodrome for winter time use.

Most of us are plenty busy during the summer road season and can't fit track work in during this time, so get a roof and make the heart of the season during the winter!

I have to agree...

Trying not to be a buzzkill about this but I have to agree with the above sentiments. I used to ride a couple different outdoor tracks in SoCal where they had weekly training nights and the odd winter racing series. It was great training and the turnout wasn't terrible. Thing is, there is a huge population there and at worst the weather was in the high 40's/low 50's at night.

I love the idea of a track in Erie, but there's little chance I would go due to the concerns expressed above: too cold in the off season, too nice in the summer to not be doing something else. An [international spec] indoor track would totally change my attitude--I would buy a bike and participate regularly as a way to stay sharp and escape the winter doldrums. I just don't see an indoor track getting the numbers it would take for investors to get even a slim ROI unless the venue owners were able to attract all kinds of big ticket competitions and cultivate a track culture here from the ground up.

Best of luck regardless.

Perhaps you all (other

Perhaps you all (other comments) are missing the point~ there is already a large track culture here in Colorado and having a 250 meter velodrome in metro Denver is the key for driving further track success/involvement. The Springs is great but quite a haul after work. I think it's great that you would rather ride the road in the summer since it means more track time and higher quality racing with folks that truly love racing velodromes. (Perhaps you can say the same for Valmont. Please enjoy the roads so we can have fun on the cross trails.)
In regard to the founding member pricing, that's a lot of cheddar and likely not refundable if the track does not get built?

Velodrome and Cyclocross

That is a great idea and could give the facility more year round usage. I know we have 300+ sunny days a year but I cant see the velodrome being used when its 30 degrees and sunny in the middle of November or December.

I think if they added some sort of cyclocross course it would add 2 months to the usage of the facility.

New Velodrome Idea..

- Please do not create a cyclo-cross in the infield (although I am sure that this is not even a consideration if you are serious about this venue).
- Weekly races night races during the summer should be on a Tuesday or Thursday night - so not to interfere with weekend road rides(since most of the riders are going to be roadies for a while).
- Involve local business on a weekly basis(different sponsor every week with giveaways per race)
- Host Regionals and Nats as soon as possible.. Are the applications in already?
- Does this track have a wood foundation? how come not metal like in Frisco,Tx. I think the overhaul every year could get expensive. (how come not a 250 cement track specially if outdoors?)..
- A roof would be great even if no walls, it would make ride-able year round. (maybe a structure like the airport). In Europe outdoor tracks are open all year because of this - of course they are cement tracks though.