2011 - Boulder Racing CX - Westminster



Boulder CX #4 - Westminster, Colorado from Steve Carpenter on Vimeo.

Course Description
This venue is only in its 2nd year. Come experience the grand stair case.

10455 Sheridan Blvd. Westminster

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Westminster Cross Race

6 run ups (laps) of the Grand Staircase was all I needed to sit my ass on the couch for the rest of the day, albeit beer in hand; climbing fun,technical and great weather. One of the venues of the season so far. Also, great racing in the Men's open between Summerhill, Krughoff and JHK...

Lookout Cross #2 Pic's, etc

So bummed i couldnt make it to Westiminster, love the course/setting. Didnt miss the stairs however ;).

That said, any of the usual photographers out at Lookout on Sunday? Nothing posting at Mountain Moon. I know it wasnt a Cup race but it was a blast of a course!! Thanks Green Mountain for hosting, especially the day after a Cup race late in the season.