2011 - Boulder Racing CX #1

The first official race at Valmont Bike Park

Boulder Racing Results from Valmont Bike Park


Course Map

Womens Open

Race Flyer

Boulder CX Series - Race #1, Valmont Park, 45+ Open from Steve Carpenter on Vimeo.

From the Boulder Racing Newsletter:

After years of hard work by the City of Boulder and local cycling community, the nationally recognized Valmont Bike Park is about to experience its cyclocross debut. On September 17th, Boulder Racing, Colorado's leader in cycling event production, will christen Valmont's cyclocross terrain with its season opener.

The NEW Valmont Course has a bit of everything; the short Belgium Stair Case, the longer 5280 Run Up, and one of the hardest sand boxes ever devised. "This isn't the beach nor the Rez" commented the Boulder Racing staff. "The sand box is sure to stay fresh, challenging the afternoon crowds the same as the morning juniors." Overall the course has been designed to favor the rider with "punchy power" and a high top end gear. Each climb and stair case is immediately followed up by either a recovery downhill or fast gravel/sidewalk section.

Spectator viewing is a key component of any first class venue, and what really has the race directors excited is the potential for droves of spectators! While the 5280 run up is sure to attract the highest percentage of viewers, there's truly not a bad seat in the house. The expo area & beer garden are set in a manner to see riders coming through three distinct phases of the course.

The Boulder Cyclocross Series is the longest running series in the state, with its roots streching back to 1999. Over the years, Boulder Racing has pioneered amazing venues across Boulder County. Each venue challenges riders in unique ways; there's the power sucking grass at Interlocken, the grand stair case at Westminster, and the unforgettable run up at Louisville Rec Center.

This year's Boulder Cylocross Series sees its staple sponsors return, such as Boulder Cycle Sport and Oskar Blues, plus the addition of a new influx of support: mix1, Rocky Mounts, Breeze Bars, Carroll Composites, Veloshine, and numerous others. Registration for the Boulder Cyclocross Series will open at the end of August.



Yes, you're able to have a

Yes, you're able to have a beer garden out there, as we had permitted for and had a sponsor lined up, but as soon as the city mandated we have multiple police onsite all day (post permitting process) the costs were through the roof and we had to cancel it. Until the city loosens the reigns some and stops making events so cost prohibitive we'll look to put the resources into other beer gardens for the series in other locations. It would have been great to have it though, I wish the expense wasn't so ridiculous from the city.

Awesome Race by Without Limits

I wanted to Thank the race promoter for Saturdays Cross Race in Boulder. I thought that Without Limits did an amazing job with everything from registration to the course to the atmosphere of the race. This is what cross racing is all about in Colorado and I love the passion that they put into organizing races.

Without Limits Productions is first class all the way

For those who are new to without Limits Productions they did in fact run Louisville Crit, Koppenberg, and Mike Horgan this road season. It's two brothers, Lance and Tony, who in the past 4 years have transformed the triathlon landscape of Colorado. Coming from tri world I'm very excited to see them take over Boulder Racing. One conversation with either of them and you'll see the passion and professionalism first hand.

20% increase

Looks like most of the cross races have increase entry fees $3 to $5 from last year.
Valmont Cross got over 600 riders, so I guess they haven't hit the upper limit on fees yet. With all the carbon fiber cross bikes, I don't think it's going to have a negative impact on numbers through the year.

per ACA rules - warmup

per ACA rules - warmup during allotted time and then right after the start of a race or after winner finishes for a set period of time. Its not a free for all as it was in the past.

It was a great race and a

It was a great race and a very fun venue. Whoever designed the course did a great job.

One question, not entirely related to this race, but in general what does it mean to have callups based on www.crossresults.com? I've been seeing this on many flyers lately. I checked out the Website, it's very cool but I have questions. Is call up order based on my average score compared to others in my category? Or, is there a point total calculated based on races that have occurred this season? Can we see a list of current rankings in our category so I know where I stand?

I'm asking because several people that I beat regularly last season were called up ahead of me and I found this curious. I assume it's because it was my first race of the year, but, this would mean what I've done in the past is no longer relevant?