2011 - Boulder Cup

Photo Credit: Brett Stakelin
Colorado rider Danny Summerhill focused on course

The biggest cyclocross race in Boulder County, Boulder Cup, returns in 2011 at the new Valmont Bike Park.

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Boulder Cup Summary

Hundreds and maybe a thousand plus cycle loving fans can out to the Boulder Valmont Bike Park to not just watch or participate in the great Colorado cycling event, Boulder Cup or to "Occupy Valmont" they came out to celebrate. And 303 area cycling fans have a lot to celebrate about, celebrate a huge event at one of the worlds greatest bike parks, great weather, afternoon junior races, beer garden, arriving at the event without a car, etc. For those who came out to what is now Valmont Bike Park in the 90's to watch what was for many their first cyclocross event it is amazing to see what has come of this space.

Women's Elite Race

Men's Elite Race

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Valmont Bike Park Closed

I know its Wednesday but we go 8+ inches over night and its still snowing. The high tomorrow is 43 and the city tweeted this yesterday

Starting today at dusk, VBP will be closed due to expected precipitation. It will remain closed until further notice. #valmontbikepark

Is there a possibility that the Boulder Cup would be moved?

City Property

I guess the first poster should have said is there any possibility that the City of Boulder would cancel the event because of the damage that the race would do to the park.

Sunny and warming for Boulder Cup

Starting tomorrow, it will be sunny, the temps will climb and will be in the 50's for the 2 days prior and 40's tomorrow. Plenty of time for the snow to be gone and any the dirt to dry/firm up by Sunday morn.

Personally, if it doesnt, I dont want to race there b/c it would be nearly 100% mud per the current course design (and probably peanut butter mud) since there there is little to no grass on the site/course as of yet.

C'mon Sun!

Not Really

No, not really, just being sarcastic and feeding into the psyche of all the negative types out there. I assume that is what you were referring to. Will be interesting to see what the conditions end up as for Sunday. Saturday's not as big a deal given the relatively flat terrain.


That is one sweet Jersey CG! Wish I had the chance to win it. I'm sure it's too late now but you should sell t-shirts with that design.

Looking forward to Valmont on Sunday!

Valmont Closed, Race is ON

Hey All, Valmont Bike Park is still closed to the public, and will remain closed through the weekend.... The trail crew is still clearing fallen branches and the ground is still very soft right now, please respect closures, and come by on Sunday ready to rally!