Bailey Hundo Planning Under Way

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Mike Potter - Staff Writer

John Gerritsen, an organizer for the Bailey Hundo, said plans are coming together for the second 100-plus mile bike race that starts and ends in the Bailey area. Here, Gerritsen speaks to the Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce on June 8, 2010, in advance of the inaugural race. (Photo by Tom Locke/The Flume)
Bailey Hundo planning under way

Preparations are well under way for the second Bailey Hundo, a 100-plus mile mountain bike race that will start and end in the Bailey area, said John Gerritsen, one of the organizers.

He said there will be more racers on a slightly redesigned route in the June 18 event, but there will be a limit to the number allowed to race.

"The U.S. Forest Service is only allowing us 250 riders, and not a single person more," he said.

He said Hundo organizers have turned away racers hoping to participate. In the inaugural race, 154 racers started and 139 finished.

The Hundo came about because of a partnership between four Colorado state senators - Chris Romer (now a Denver mayoral candidate), Greg Brophy, Mike Kopp, and Mark Scheffel - the Bailey community, Park County, and many Colorado cyclists.

The first Hundo, held last June, attracted the attention of some of the top mountain bike racers around the world.

Boulder mountain biker Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, or JHK, won first place by finishing the inaugural Hundo in 6:36.

Gerritsen said some changes have been made to the course to eliminate a steep climb right before the finish line.

There will be volunteer emergency medical technicians at the race to respond to any injuries suffered by riders, he said.

The second year has afforded more time to the Hundo organizers to work on the race, he added. In its first year, the organizers had from March until June to bring the race together.

Gerritsen said that Fitzsimmons Middle School art classes will again be providing T-shirt designs for the Hundo.

He said voting for the best design will take place at the Hundo's Web site,

Jennifer Walsh, the art teacher at Fitzsimmons Middle School, said she's spoken to some of her classes about the art contest.

Students will submit their designs by March 14, she said.

"I think it will be really interesting for the kids," she said about the voting process.

Fitzsimmons Middle School received $500 from the Hundo from T-shirt sales, Walsh said.

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