2011 - Alpha Cross- State CX Championship

Photo Credit: Chuck Parsons

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Author: Mary Topping - Pro-cycling writer
@butterflywriter on Twitter

The 2011 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships course at Rhyolite Park in Castle Rock demanded full throttle from competitors during the entire race. The start and finish areas lay in a bowl surrounded by hills partially covered in snow. Riders set off from the park’s entrance up a long climb on the road that one racer described as twice the distance of a typical sprint start. Once in the park the course snaked up and down a hillside then continued to one of the most challenging aspects of the course, a steep flyover on one side of the finish line. Riders frequently crossed wheels and limbs near the top when those they followed couldn’t ride it all the way up and clip out fast enough. The course then dipped into splashy mud and rose to closely spaced barriers which led to the back-side of the course. Riding under the fly over, through the finish line, then alongside the pits, the riders faced a run-up that most rode to return to the top half of the starting climb.

The three kilometer course design took the racers near the finish area three times each lap, treating spectators there to multiple views of the riders. Adventurous spectators who crossed the course glided and sank on the wet, porous earth dotted with clumps of grass. The course included several paved pathways. Off the pavement riders pedaled through conditions ranging from muddied grass to peanut butter mud and soupy puddles. Conditions worsened from Saturday to Sunday as rising temperatures melted more snow into the already saturated earth. Brady Kappius raced Saturday and Sunday, and found the course more wet and muddy on the second day when, he said, “Bikes were much more wrecked. Changes helped a lot!”

The roller-coaster ride combined with the variable mud created an extremely challenging event that strung out competitors along the course. Nicole Duke, a new member of the Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com team, won the women’s open category. After crossing the finish line she described the course as the hardest she had ridden all year. “It was brutal. I was dying the whole time,” she said. “There was no rest.” Duke said all the climbing made it hard, but even the flatter sections were tough because of the boggy conditions. “It was a pure power course,” she said.

Yannick Eckmann riding for Pearl Izumi/Shimano won the men’s open competition. Based on his comments after the race he seemed to enjoy the course because it suited his bike handling skills in the mud. “I didn’t have a good start, but I got my rhythm when it got muddy,” he said.

2010 Colo. State CX Championship - SM35+ Cat 4 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

*** Location Change ***

Where: Rhyolite Park
1701 Crystal Valley Pkwy
Castle Rock, CO 80104

All racers must present their current ACA license at registration, otherwise one-day ACA licenses are available for $10. ACA waiver will be printed for pre-registered racers. ACA waiver must be signed by all racers or parent/guardian or anyone 18 or under. ACA CX racing age is your age as of 12/31/12. Call-ups are 10 minutes before start and based on 2011 CO Cross Cup Standings. Races will not be re-scheduled due to inclement weather. ACA Timing System will be in use and transponders are REQUIRED, rental transponders available (DMV license/CC required as collateral deposit). No transponder – no results.

To be eligible for Colorado State Championship medals and/or vest you must hold a current ACA Annual License and must have continuously resided in Colorado for the past six (6) months

Race Flyer



I have a few questions

I have a few questions regarding this race weekend and flyer.

Why is the 35+3 category listed as "non-championship", this category has been racing all season and isn't the 35+3 a championship event for road racers?

SS and SM3 are listed as only 45 minutes, we've been doing 50 minutes all season. Why the change?

The days are broken out in a way that most of the 3s can't race twice. I guess they could race SM Open category on Sunday. The promoters could have put SM3s or 35 on Sat and 35+3 on Sun and doubled-up on many (I'm guessing 10x$35=$350) registrations.

Some of the other stuff like Jr racing prime time Sunday is cool, Frozen TT, Clydes, SS B's provides a nice touch.

Should be fun!


The update to changing the 35+ 3's race to designate a Championship Race and the 3's and SS to 50 minute races was posted last week. There was a bit of back and forth confusion on this. As soon as the new flyer is up on the ACA site you'll see the Venue Change and those updates.

As for scheduling, we tried the best we could. But there is always someone left out a bit. Sorry.

We are looking forward to a sweet course complete with massive flyover, a heated hospitality tent and some new twists and turns to the "Castle Cross" Course.

missing wheels

If you've got Ritchey Speedmax tires on your pit wheels, please check and make sure you picked up the right wheels from the pit on Saturday. Mine went missing, but there were a couple other wheelsets near where I'd left mine with the same tires, so I'm guessing someone just grabbed the wrong pair. If you find them, please drop me a line at bmoore@jgllp.com

And thanks to all who gave us a great course despite the late venue change. That was about as much fun as I've ever had on a bike!

Lots of fun!

even though it kicked my ass. Too much climbing for this portly fellow, maybe next year :)

Lots of porta-johns (why is this often overlooked), challenging course/conditions.

Only real semi-gripe is that you couldn't pic up numbers for Sunday on Saturday (???) and unfortunately you could tell from the initial pictures that the flyover wasn't going to work out well, transition just too steep. LOVE the idea though.

All in all, GREAT JOB especially with the shortened timeline!!!

Thanks Alpha

Thanks Alpha for putting on a great State Championship despite the sudden direction change, etc. That took some hustle and a lot of extra man hours to pull off a venue change at one week. It helped to make it different and more challenging from the first Castlecross due to the mud/snow.

Still would love to race at Aurora Sports Complex so hopefully you can pull off a race there next year.

Thanks Again!


Race was a hoot, have not done many cross races, was so much fun! Two questions, anyone tell me where to view lap times, and the 55+was only 35 minutes, sure there is logic or rules I simply do not know, anyone clarify?

alpha cx

what great terrain and conditions to have. wet and sloppy enough to allow for the display of some serious bike handling skills and frozen enough of ground to be able to carry some speed and power. I think the uphill road start is brilliant as it really allows for some proper spacing and not make things to hairy when dumping into the dirt. this season was my first ever in cx racing/ and having a cross bike and found it all to be five star fun. i heard rumblings of some possible short track xc stuff next year..and that would rock big time. i believe there are some great options and possibilities for this place. please look into the options it just makes sense. absolutely loved my first season of cross