2011 - ACA Colorado Cross Cup


Last year was the first year for the Colorado Cross Cup (CCC). It replaced the Best Cyclocross Racer and Best Cyclocross Team competition. There was quite a bit of talk the end of last season about potential changes to the CCC for 2011. The changes have just been release and here are a few of the note worthy changes.

Changes for 2011

  • Call-up procedures for non-CCC races will be done by results on crossresults.com
  • Start times have slightly changed from last year.
  • New categories have been added. The big one is the Mens 35+/3s which will start right after the Mens 35 Open.

2011 Colorado Cross Cup Policy

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Shouldn't the ACA

Shouldn't the ACA crossresults.com call-ups include DNFs? So far this season, it doesn't look like any ACA cross race this year has reported a DNF, but that obviously would impact a racer's crossresults ranking.

For example, if I had a good crossresults ranking going into a race and I have a bad day/course doesn't suit me/... during a given race, I could drop out before finishing & preserve my crossresults ranking, as opposed to getting the higher points and lower ranking from finishing in a lower position. Having a mechanical force me out of a race would suck, but that's part of racing we all deal with (keep your bike tuned, have spare pit wheels, ride smooth lines, stay out of trouble, ...)

What am I missing for why a DNF isn't counted or at least listed in the race results?

Voluntary DNF's are bad for your soul

Good point, the problem is that the promoters aren't reporting who DNF's to the ACA. You know how many there are because the summary page shows starters v. finishers but not who they are. Did not starts (DNS) may also be in there which complicates things.
Crossresults does count DNF's but they must be reported by the race promoter. The crossresults.com statement on DNF's is below.

I'll email the ACA to bring this up and report back.

"Now that real races are staging by crossresults.com points it's especially important that you know that DNF's count toward your points this year. This has been something we've gone back-and-forth on over the years, since DNF's are inconsistently reported, but DNF'ing to escape a poor result is TOTALLY WEAK. We've decided that DNF's are part of who you are as a racer and thus should be in your points.

Since sometimes promoters don't list DNFs in results, yes, this means you are playing DNF-roulette when you drop out and it's possible to win. If you don't get listed, congrats! You win!

So anyway, we drop your worst points, so DNF'ing 10% of the time is no big deal. If you DNF more than 10% of the time... knock that shit off! "

Too right! I've done several

Too right!

I've done several races where I had a mechanical or just riding lousy. Still bust my ass to finish and passed many other riders. Completely shocked to find that I DFL'd.

CO races often have 10-20% DNFs. No excuse for that other than fragile egos that can't take a bad result. Easier to slink away and pretend it never happened

If you want to be a good CXer, nut up and finish.

Start reporting the DNFs and watch their number decrease.


I heard from a few ACA people that recording DNF's is a major hassle. I don't really know the inner works of scoring but the take home is that they aren't motivated to take it on right now. Maybe it would be different if many people though it was an issue or maybe next year something will happen.

I like the crossresults system and really get satisfaction from earning lower points. I also tend to suffer in the middle of races and often want some respite from the pain. With all that in mind I should still be fully ashamed the day I DNF because I'm worried about my points. Now after putting it in writing I'd really feel like poo if I did it. Maybe this is a place for the honor system?


After all the money spent on the chip system it should be trivial to record DNFs. No excuse.

A sense of shame has never been a requirement for buying a racing license. Don't overestimate the honor system. Expect even more DNFs now that crossresults rankings are being used.

I brought this up last

I brought this up last Spring when Crossresults.com was first announced. After thinking about it more, I believe this issue is trivial. Those who would do this are few and far between and those who DNF probably have a very legitimate reason and they shouldn't be penalized for it.