2011 - ACA Colorado Cross Cup


Last year was the first year for the Colorado Cross Cup (CCC). It replaced the Best Cyclocross Racer and Best Cyclocross Team competition. There was quite a bit of talk the end of last season about potential changes to the CCC for 2011. The changes have just been release and here are a few of the note worthy changes.

Changes for 2011

  • Call-up procedures for non-CCC races will be done by results on crossresults.com
  • Start times have slightly changed from last year.
  • New categories have been added. The big one is the Mens 35+/3s which will start right after the Mens 35 Open.

2011 Colorado Cross Cup Policy

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Several other categories

Several other categories were shortened by 5 min - older juniors, 35+4, M55+. Men 3 given an extra 5 minutes and Men 45+ now have their own time slot (guess they didn't like being passed by open women starting just after them). Day now includes a 15' warmup period, starts 15' earlier and runs 15' longer. Last groups are going to be racing in the dark come December.


For call-ups this year, they are from Cup points for cup races, Crossresults.com ranking for non-cup. Seems like a good split. The CHANGE for this year is to only call up 24 deep off these points (was 40). With points scored only 20 deep, this seems like it would help "lock out" riders who are in 21st and the next 10 or so spots. They would get into the "random" callups and could be anywhere form the 2nd or 3rd row to the very back. makes it a lot harder to get the points to help move up. Seems like you'd want to call up more than just the points spots, closer to 2x the points places. UCI/elite calls up ALL riders. Just one more little goal for those who are not top 10 riders to go after, and a reward. Don't see any reason NOT to call up deeper, does not take much more time, and just that much less incentive for "barging" the staging, with more folks getting called up, especially in the larger fields.

And as a side note, if you are unhappy with ACA policies or the like, I have found them to be quite willing to listen to input, and very responsive to other ideas. If it fires you up enough to post here, send them an E-Mail, they want the feedback, particularly from the club representatives.

Chip Timing - Cross Cup

From the ACA email today:

Please note that the timing system will be in use at all upcoming BAR/BAT and Cross Cup Races. For cross, chips will NOT be mounted on your bicycle. We have ankle straps that hold your chip, and these straps will be distributed, one strap per racer at no charge, at cross races in September and October. Please stay tuned for details on this distribution.

Attempt to make a generalization and poll

I'm going to attempt to make a generalization and take a poll here. As I see this discussion here I think there is a topic of smaller fields vs larger fields. No one has made the opposite extreme case, what if we got rid of these new categories and a few more leaving Men's open & masters, Women's open & masters and juniors. Now you would have some large fields. Flip that, create age categories for every cat and have the race last 2 days to cover all the categories. That would be some very small fields for some.

What is the desired field size to race in? I know it greatly depends on the course but we will have to make a generalization ourselves here. When does a field size get so big that you are no longer racing but riding in a cx parade as some have mentioned here?

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