2011 - ACA Colorado Cross Cup


Last year was the first year for the Colorado Cross Cup (CCC). It replaced the Best Cyclocross Racer and Best Cyclocross Team competition. There was quite a bit of talk the end of last season about potential changes to the CCC for 2011. The changes have just been release and here are a few of the note worthy changes.

Changes for 2011

  • Call-up procedures for non-CCC races will be done by results on crossresults.com
  • Start times have slightly changed from last year.
  • New categories have been added. The big one is the Mens 35+/3s which will start right after the Mens 35 Open.

2011 Colorado Cross Cup Policy

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35/3s have always had somewhere to go

The SM 3s topped out at less than 60 riders last year (in the bigger races). Why is there a perception that the poor 35/3s have nowhere to race. We have a 3s field.
It is not full.

They just split a field that was in the 30-55 rider range. Why?

Are ability levels so different when you turn 35 that you can't race against 27 year olds in the 3s?

Who cares if there is 35+3

Who cares if there is 35+3 field? Is it taking race winnings out of your pocket? I think not. Shut the F up and race your bike! Slow guys off the back, fast guys up front. WTF is the difference if there is one or two fields when its happening?

Holly crap this argument is getting boring!

Business case

Why do the 35+ and 35+/3s fields have to 'fill' in order for it to be smart? Making the jump from 35+/4s to racing with ex-pros in the 35+ field is just nuts for a lot of riders. I can guarantee you that you will get more racers overall by having the two fields. There are plenty of guys who are not going to waiste their time and money by going to races if they are just going to get smacked around every week by guys like Engleman or Carter.

Business = marketing BS

I grow weary of these arguments that "I won't cat up because the next group is too fast/young/etc." If you are fast enough to cat up, you will be fine in the cat3's or 35+. Let's be realistic, the expectation that someone wants to be getting top5s and then upgrade and still get top 5's is nonsense. They'll easily be mid-pack, from which they should continue to try and develop to reach top 5's again, just like when they started. I'd also like to see your guarantee on getting more racers overall. I suggest you research attendance the last 10 years, especially the last year before you go making guarantees. I'm still waiting for a real reason for this category to exist (Not "too fast, too young, ex-pro, sandbagging, etc. etc. etc.").

Spoken like you really don't know what you're talking about

Going from 35+/4 to being "fine" in the 35+? Although in fairness, your definition of "Fine" is most likely different than mine. The pointy end of the 35+ is often competitive with the sm 1&2, this recent upgrade isn't.

Guess how I know this.

I will typically race sm3, just to have a shot at finishing in the top 1/3-1/4 as opposed to getting lapped twice by the Carters of the world, but sometimes the timing doesn't workout.

I do know, you just made my point

You find 35+ to be too fast to be at the "pointy end", so you think that is too hard or not fair, but Cat 3 is ok, but for some reason you don't like racing cat 3? It's like Goldilocks man, this cat is too fast, this cat is too young, I need a category made for me that is jussst right. You have 2 legitimate groups to choose from, but still need a 3rd? I still don't get the need for this group.

You don't need to "get"

You don't need to "get" everything in life my friend, sometimes you just need to be. Like you said, there are 3 categories to choose from so choose something else. You don’t get the new categories, that’s fine, but we don’t get your recalcitrance. Are you an SM3 and are you worried about your field shrinking? If so, it’s a legitimate concern and I empathize with your frustration.
To me the answers are simple. 35+3 pulls the top end out of the 35+4 quicker essentially making 35+4 a category 5, which is a true beginner category for masters aged racers. Beginners will be more likely to stick with the sport if they're not getting lapped every time out. There are more new racers over 35 than younger than 35, so creating an environment that makes transitioning into racing just a bit easier/comfortable/ fun for the largest group of beginners is a smart move by the ACA.
The fact that 35+3 will be an easier category for newly upgrade 35+4s is just a bonus and beyond the point. The new category is not a huge deal for them as they would gladly prefer 35+ or SM3 over not racing at all. Those eligible for this category will find it more desirable because a lot of them still feel like they are beginners and many are over the age of 40 and simply do not prefer to race against 15 year olds in SM3. There are other reasons why the category is good for those actually in it, but I truly believe this category wasn’t created for them so much as dealing with issues related to the 35+4s.

Concerned about SM 3 field shrinking?

You got to be kidding right? You are worried about the SM3 shrinking AND you see that as a problem? For many CX courses and smaller SM3 field is very welcome. And even so, doesn't this new sm3 35+ start just seconds after the SM3 so in 2-4 minutes they will be blended in to the SM3 field incase you are feeling lonely.