2011 - ACA Colorado Cross Cup


Last year was the first year for the Colorado Cross Cup (CCC). It replaced the Best Cyclocross Racer and Best Cyclocross Team competition. There was quite a bit of talk the end of last season about potential changes to the CCC for 2011. The changes have just been release and here are a few of the note worthy changes.

Changes for 2011

  • Call-up procedures for non-CCC races will be done by results on crossresults.com
  • Start times have slightly changed from last year.
  • New categories have been added. The big one is the Mens 35+/3s which will start right after the Mens 35 Open.

2011 Colorado Cross Cup Policy

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Day was lengthened to give

Day was lengthened to give Men 45+ their own time slot. No extra time is needed for M35+3 because they will start 30 seconds behind M35+. All that does is make scoring more complicated for the officials but they're used to having multiple categories on course at once (juniors, women, M55/W4).

The category makes more sense on the road where it is very different for a 43 year-old cat 3 to compete against a 25 year-old cat 3. Not as big a deal in CX since you are just racing in circles and so what if you get lapped.

Sure, you could find a fast

Sure, you could find a fast 43 YO who easily beats a 25 YO. However, in general, the older you get, the slower you are. Look at race times by ages for masters road races or TTs (Nats) to see a gradual decline as age increase. Please don't use Ned as an example - he is a freak (in a good way).

Age is not the only metric for speed

There are plenty of 43 year old cat 3's who are super-fast and plenty of 25 year old cat 3's who aren't that fast. I disagree with your generalization. Before we started adding 20 different age group categories you got to be a cat3 the same way, so abilities were similar. Now you get there multiple ways and it is hard to compare.

Not exactly

Some fields are being shortened so that45+ men and women open no longer have to share the course. Even though I am in a field shortened by 5 minutes, that seems to me like a good idea. Since the 35+3s will be racing the same time as the 35+, that split does not affect the overall schedule.

That said, I agree it's a little silly to take 2 fields that weren't overly large to sart with (SM3 and 35+) and split them into 3 fields. All three may wind up with consistently fewer than 40 starters, and that's kind of lame.


I'm a 35+ Cat3 and I think adding another category is silly. Why are you so happy about it? Now we can have 3 separate race fields of 30 riders each? Please explain to me why we need this category.


Refreshing to hear an opinion that we should NOT slim down categories to the 30-rider range. I totally agree. Why are we happy to race 35/3 and SM3 with only 30-ish dudes, when we could have a kick ass SM3 race with 60+. If it was 200, then yes, that's a parade. But 50, 60, 70 guys is a healthy race and a good time.

We have identified a problem that never existed, and fixed it.

Let's be a little realistic

You have to agree that some course you can have a parade with just 60 guys easily and other courses can take a full field. If you are a strong rider and expect to land in the top ten and/or get a good call up then why does it matter if there are 30 or 100 riders in the field, they will all be behind you anyway. I feel having reasonable sized categories provides racers *on some courses* a fighting chance if they don't get a call up to actually be in the top 10. If you are getting a call up then none of this applies to you

I'm not a callup guy

I'm not a callup guy. Not that good yet. But I want more than 30 in a field. I agree top 5-10 are racing each other and don't see the rest of the field. If I'm somewhere in the middle I want to race more guys (not 120 guys, but you can't tell me 35 guys is critical mass in a cross race).

If you're a middle of the field guy, 30 guys on an 7-8 minute lap isn't ideal...unless like you said, you're hoping to squeeze into the top 10. But is it more exciting to say you got a top 10, or to be in a better race? Seems like in Colorado the answer is usually "it's better to say you got a top 10....even if the field was 19 guys". I guess if that makes people feel good, we should have many small fields so everyone can have a shot at a top 10.